Friday, July 17, 2009

'Grace' Tests the Jewish Faith

Season 3 of 'Saving Grace' Airs on TNTBy LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

So as I excuse myself for the lateness on recapping all-things Saving Grace this week, I'm trying to think about what it was that really jumped out from this episode.

I did like it, but it felt more like a study of the customs and traditions of Hasidic Judaism than anything else. And yet, the reason I liked the ep was that it forced Grace to once again ask some pointed questions of Earl and/or observe the practices of a faith that she would not normally do, which in turn, continued to challenge her understanding - her acceptance - of spirituality.

A particularly enlightening moment was when Earl essentially showcased just how powerful prayer is as he allowed Grace to listen in - if only for a moment - to the millions of voices praying to God all at once. Given how disbelieving Grace has generally been about all-things faith, I thought that scene was unique. It seemed to be another of Earl's guiding moments that continue to help Grace's new sense of enlightenment and make her more spiritually inclined.

So far, she hasn't really turned back.

Now, I didn't really care for the mooooooooooooooooo cow nonsense, even though the killing the cows was important to the case given the victim was connected to meat plant that the cows were from. But it did seem ... well, kinda dorky at times.

In other news ... Ham's sister-in-law (the wife of his now deceased brother) seems to not quite have dealt with her grief. I confess I was shocked that Ham himself seemed more at peace and/or having moved on than her. Seriously? Codependent slobbering mess Hamilton?

As for Grace's continuing caretaking of Neely ... that took an interesting turn this week with Neely: a) having woken up and begun speaking fluent Portuguese so as deliver a strangely coded message to Grace; and b) having "left" the hospital by the end of the ep. It seems Earl whisked Neely off to this so called “Room of Miracles” in a Bonfim Church in Brazil whereby wax dolls and limbs hang from ceilings and, as Earl says, you put up whatever is ailing you only to have millions of voices pray for you to recover (that whole hear-everybody-praying thing I mentioned earlier). Now, seeing as Neely DID seem to be awake and conscious and/or interact with Grace YET gone from the hospital at the end of the ep, does this mean she's well? Was Earl the one praying for Neely's recovery in Brazil and/or took her there as part of her recovery? Did Grace?

Lots of good questions. Not sure they seemed completely answered.

But THAT is a good thing these days.

On side note, I'd like to congratulate Grace herself, Holly Hunter, on receiving a Primetime Emmy nomination this week for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. This her second year in row being nominated.

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John said...

My only complaint about the episode was rather uninspired time spent dispensing information of Judaism. There had to be a better way than Grace or Ham saying “Did you know…about Judaism?” or some other equally dry recitation of fact. They could have learned it from the members of the Temple or had the information arise from the case.

I am happy Grace is still working on Neely and I am curious as to exactly what happened to her at the end.

I wonder if Ham’s breakdown at the end of last season over his brother’s death was sort of cathartic and that is why he is now able to deal with it, while his sister-in-law can’t yet.

I wonder if she will now be able to sleep holding some of her husband’s clothes, since they smell like him. And I wonder if that would be much of an improvement or just another way to deny his death.