Friday, November 16, 2007

AMPTP Sets New Date for Talks with the WGA

Promising news via United Hollywood:

November 16, 2007


LOS ANGELES – The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) and the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) have issued the following statement today:

Leaders from the WGA and the AMPTP have mutually agreed to resume formal negotiations on November 26. No other details or press statements will be issued.

For more information about the Writers Guild of America, West, please visit For more information about the Writers Guild of America, East, please visit:

The Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) and the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) represent writers in the motion picture, broadcast, cable, and new media industries in both entertainment and news. The unions conduct numerous programs, seminars, and events throughout the world on issues of interest to, and on behalf of, writers.

Let's hope that the network and studio execs are willing to make a fair deal with the writers. BUT, there is something you can do to facilitate this. Thanks to the fan-run site, Bring TV Back, you can print off and send a letter to the appropriate heads. The site provides this template:

If you are a fan of a specific show (or shows), PERSONALIZE the following template:

Dear (CEO):

As a loyal viewer of many of your TV shows, I'm disappointed that you, along with the rest of the AMPTP, have broken off negotiations with the Writer's Guild. In refusing to negotiate residuals for new media, especially streaming media, you are alienating those who enjoy your product.

I consume my entertainment via new media -- I watch streaming video and download shows. As a viewer, I want to know that the writers who crafted my favorite TV shows and movies are getting a fair residual, no matter what screen I use.

Please respect your audience and respect your writers by returning to the bargaining table and negotiate new media residuals fairly.



Not sure where/who to send it? Bring TV Back has taken care of that as well:


ABC network/ABC Family/Lifetime/Disney Channel/A&E/ABC Studios
Robert Iger
CEO of The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

CORPORATE PHONE: (818) 560-1000
CORPORATE FAX: (818)560-2500

FOX network/FX/MY Network TV/Fox Television Studios
Peter Chernin
CEO of Fox Entertainment Group
10201 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

CORPORATE PHONE: (310) 369-1000

CW network/Warner Bros. Television
Barry Meyer
Chairman, Warner Bros. Entertainment
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

CORPORATE PHONE: (818) 954-6000

NBC network/USA/Sci Fi/A&E/Universal Media Studios
Jeff Zucker
CEO of NBC/Universal
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

CORPORATE PHONE: (212) 664-4444

CBS network/CW network/Showtime/CBS Paramount Television
Leslie Moonves
CEO of CBS Entertainment Network
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

CORPORATE PHONE: (323) 575-2345

Sony Pictures Television
Michael Lynton
Chairman/CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment
10202 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

CORPORATE PHONE: (310) 244-4000
CORPORATE FAX: (310) 244-2626

Comedy Central/MTV
Philippe Dauman
President/CEO of Viacom
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

CORPORATE PHONE: (800) 459-2539

Write those letters and let these bigwigs know that you support the writers. It could make a big difference come November 26th.


LillyKat said...

Encouraging news! Both sides should be commended for trying to break the stalemate. I hope good things will come out of the Nov. 26th meeting.

suekola44 said...

Lots of good info Tvfan. Let's hope Nov. 26 brings an end to all this mess!