Sunday, November 11, 2007

Teams Hoist Their Own Weight

Thanks to the ridiculous football overrun last week (5 seasons of Cold Case and now 2 of TAR and yet, I still can't get used to this annoyance) and an early wake-up call for work Monday morning, I ran out of time and didn't get to write about the fabulous premiere. So, allow me to take a moment before I begin this week's discussion and recap it for you: the blondes are SUPER annoying, the siblings rock, the young couple with trust issues should just go ahead and break up now and save the rest of us from watching their bickering escalate as the race progresses, taxi theft is still alive and well, Ireland is GORGEOUS, and never under any circumstances, cross a donkey! We're talking a whole new level of stubborn. Thank goodness, those who were mean to the donkeys got theirs in the end. Now, onto tonight's "live" thoughts.

Apparently, the blondes aren't familiar with headlights. Therefore, they find driving at night to be a little impossible. And Oh. My. God! Somebody alert the glam patrol because these girls haven't been getting their mani-pedis while on the race! And one of them just suggested that she might be an idiot. And you guys didn't believe me that these two are SUPER annoying.

Do I smell.... AIRPORT DRAMA??!! It seems that everyone can fit on the first leg of the flight, but only 6 teams can fit on the second. Plus, the sisters just missed the first flight carrying all of the other teams. And now, the first flight teams are scrambling to get seats on the second leg of the trip. Crisis averted - the sisters just landed and caught up with the other lagging teams. As airport drama goes, this was pretty mild.

Pointless Fight Alert: For reasons not made clear, Ron just got angry at Nick for being "rude" to the ticket counter employee. Whoa bubby, save your stress. You've got like a million more legs to go!

Not that "Hoist" was some sort of picnic, but the bike search really set the siblings back. Boo! Luckily, Shouldn't Be Dating Couple are arguing and losing their cool. Oh snap! The blondes just finished "Hoist" before Nathan! And now Jen has to hoist because Nathan can't! Oh, and Rachel went down because TK couldn't do it, and she zipped every piece of furniture up like it was nothing. Girls rule, boys drool!

Why do I have the sinking feeling that this Roadblock looks easier than it is? Suspicion confirmed. Jen just landed back-first into the mud. Oh, this is going to be good. Uh-oh! Nathan just compared Jen to Shana. Didn't he learn last week not to compare her to other girls?? Or better yet, didn't he learn when he CHEATED on her?? Shana just face-planted on the way back across. Bet that mani-pedi is the least of your worries now, huh Shana?

Lorena and Jason just crossed the finish line in first. Guess how they did it. No really, guess because you'll never believe it. They worked TOGETHER!! Imagine that!

Ron is causing another pointless fight. This time with his daughter over the bike Detour. I heard something about honesty and boogers and frankly, I lost interest. Now, he's starting in again. This time, I think, it's about decisiveness. It's difficult to tell with Ron. Yawn.

Proving that old people aren't the only ones to get lost on the race, TK and Rachel just biked right past the drop off site. The best part, though, Phil could be seen in the background with a WTH? look on his face. Wow, TK and Rachel, you just got dissed by Phil!

Ron and his Pointless Fighting just finished in 9th and will live to fight another day. Unfortunately, this means that the Married Ministers are in last and have been eliminated from the race. Damn bus!

Were you bummed to see the Married Ministers go? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.


suekola44 said...

Those married ministers were one of the nicest teams. You know what they say. Nice guys finish last. How about grandpa stripping down to his skivvies! What a bold move on his part!!And why didn't the nice tall grandson do that road block?? Did you see the one blonde putting lip gloss on? They are really too much! I'm amazed they do as well as they do!! And I really don't know how much more of Ron's mouth I can take.I was getting ready to put tape across it. Great show!

TVFan said...

Yeah, the skivvies scene was pretty funny. I totally missed the lip gloss, but that makes it even better. I can't understand how they do so well either. Crazy!