Sunday, November 18, 2007

Teams Cry Over Spilled Milk

Last week, we said goodbye to the Married Ministers on The Amazing Race. To quote Phil, "Who will be eliminated next?" Here are this week's "live" thoughts.

The Exorcist
??!! Really, Jason??!!! You compared your girlfriend to something out of a horror film! Boyfriend of the Year nominee over here, folks. Oh wait, he has competition from Nathan who is busy complaining about Jennifer stressing him out too much.

Shocking, but the blondes are already complaining about how they don't look good. It's a race girls, not a beauty contest. Wouldn't you just love to see these two on Survivor??

Airport Drama Alert! Ron and Christina have 30 minutes to make their flight and they're still at the ticket counter. Editing says they won't make it, which means they're a lock for getting on. See, told ya. BUT WAIT, there's more! The flight carrying most of the teams is having a mechanical problem, which means they can't take off for Paris. And that means they can't make their connecting flight to a newly emerging country in Africa! And since it's a newly emerging country, there's only one flight a day. Bottom line, all of the teams that aren't Shouldn't Be Dating Couple (who made an earlier flight) are totally screwed!

As usual, the signature TAR commercial break fixed everything (including the plane) and all of the teams arrived in Paris and (barely) made the flight to Africa. It couldn't, however, fix the blondes, who, upon arriving in Africa, decided that the place was "rough" had "no street signs" and worried that they might be "sold to people for money." Well, the taxi driver did take their money and laugh at them, so it wasn't a total loss.

OK, so I was laughing at the idiot-ness that is the blondes, but now they're being downright offensive. They're insulting the local people's clothing, smell and cleanliness ("These people bring flies"). Ugh! They're back on the Hate List for me.

Didn't anyone learn anything from the donkey task in the premiere? Taking out your frustrations on a stubborn animal will get you nowhere, people! Notice that, once again, the calm, nice teams are the ones NOT crying over spilled milk and already leading their pack of camels along the marked path (except for TK and Rachel who are lost once again). Meanwhile, Lorena and Jennifer are this close to losing it. OK, so Lorena just lost it. Good thing there was a magical TAR commercial break. Maybe it can make her STOP SCREAMING!

No such luck. She's still screaming and carrying on. Please. Make. It. Stop!

Loyal TAR watchers know that there is a tried and (Notso) true method of getting people who speak other languages to understand you. No, it's not talking loudly. It's SPANGLISH! Apparently, it has surpassed English as the universal language, and thus, "educationale" is the international word for education/school. I wonder why it didn't work??

Yes! The Brother/Sister team just finished in first after zipping through Learn It at the Detour. And as an added bonus, Phil got to say "Spa."

Lorena Update: She's still yelling and crying back at the Roadblock. And no, she still hasn't gotten all of the milk she needs. This is going to be a LONG Roadblock. BUT, I now see where Jason was coming from with that Exorcist comment early on. Oh thank god, she finally got the damn milk. My ears want to hug the camel that gave it to her!

Editing says that it's a tight race between Jason/Lorena and the Sisters, but me thinks the Sisters are in last. And they are, so Lorena stays around to scream another day. The Sisters, however, are not as lucky. They landed in last and were eliminated.

Were you bummed to see the Sisters go? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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suekola44 said...

I was totally bummed to see the sisters go. I feel like we hardly got a chance to know them. Once again Ron spent this whole leg of the race talking! At least he's being nicer to his daughter. God those blondes are a piece of work!! I just love this show!