Saturday, November 17, 2007

Send Pencils2MediaMoguls

The great folks at United Hollywood have come up with a great way to support the writers with their latest campaign:


Spread the word! One buck sends a box of 12 pencils to a mogul. We're pooling everyone's money to buy the pencils from a "green" manufacturer who uses wood from sustainable forests.
If the moguls refuse to accept our truckloads of pencils, we'll donate them to schools and non-profits that deal with children's literacy.
Hopefully, we will indeed have truckloads to deliver. But only if we all spread the word.

So, first click over to United Hollywood to send your pencils and then spread the word to everyone you know. I sent my pencils and it was quick and easy and done through PayPal.


LillyKat said...

This is a GREAT! So easy for everyone who wants to show their support for this cause - whether they be writers, fans, casual observers, etc. I just sent my pencils!

suekola44 said...

Great idea! It's even a win-win for everyone.

United Hollywood said...

Thanks for the support. In less than 4 days we reached the 225,000 pencils sold mark and we're still going strong. So please continue to spread the word because we want to reach that one million pencils sold mark soon.