Monday, November 26, 2007

Lilly Finds the Writing's On the Wall

Well, well, well... it seems that some very small part of Lilly Rush paid attention when her therapist told her that she's never going to stop having nightmares if she doesn't face what happened to her and the realizations that come with it. The nightmares returned this week, and when they did, Lil woke up with an "Oh crap! My therapist was right" look on her face. So maybe she hasn't faced it, but at least she seems to realize that she needs to. Baby steps, but a very positive development in the emotional well being of our favorite cold case detective.

Speaking of cold cases, we had a great one this week. A victim that I think we can all agree didn't have us boo-hooing over his murder. A serial rapist who not only forced himself on women, but also laughed in their faces after the fact. Oh yeah, and there was also the poor girl who killed herself. LOVED, loved, loved Lilly and Kat's interrogations with these women -- victims themselves. I get that Lilly wants justice and she doesn't get to pick her victims and yada yada yada, but she sure was hell-bent on arresting this scumbag's killer. In her mind, it was all tied into this idea about facing the thing that's holding you back. She thought one (or all) of the women had killed Mike and the only way they were going to move on was to own up to it. Yes, yes I know: Pot meet kettle. When it became clear that they weren't responsible, she changed her tune. She made Jimmy say that Mike's murder was a case of "imminent danger" so he wouldn't be separated from his sister. Like Lilly, I'm a little torn about it. On the one hand, Mike was a creep and he would have continued to rape women, but on the other, murder is murder. I'm glad it ended as it did, but I couldn't help but feel a little morally wrong for feeling that way.

There was sooooo much funny goodness in this one. As usual, Kat and Vera had me cracking up. And then there was the entire gang's reaction to Jeffries being in charge. I lost it when someone made that paper "Lieutenant" sign! This (hopefully) temporary power shift is making for an interesting new dynamic. I like it when shows change things up (again hopefully) temporarily for the better. I also LOVED the scene between Will and Stillman on Stillman's boat. It was an insta-classic and a great way to have the wonderful John Finn in the episode. So, another excellent hour. Cold Case moves to 10-0 on the season.

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suekola44 said...

I loved this episode! I too found more humor in this one than in previous eps. As far as my viewing partner was concerned, they should have washed off the gravestone and forgotten the whole thing. He saw no reason to pursue this scumbag's killer. I tend to agree with him. Of course, then there would have been no story. Anyway, it was a great episode!