Monday, November 05, 2007

Lilly's 100th 'Case' Solved

One hundred cases. One hundred murders solved. One hundred victims finally given the justice they deserve. And all of this in spite of constant whining about Lilly's hair! Last night, Cold Case celebrated 100 episodes doing what this show does best - taking us back in time and leaving no detail unfinished with its window in 1938. The talented folks at CC never disappoint with the look and feel of the older cases. I find myself mesmerized as the story shifts to a different time. Most of us are familiar with Orson Welles's "War of the Worlds" broadcast, but it's always more interesting to get a glimpse into what the actual event may have looked like. I can't imagine the panic that must have gripped this nation on that frightful night 69 years ago. With the advent of instant news via television, the Internet, cell phones, PDAs and even iPods, it's difficult for us to envision a world where a single broadcast could send people into hurried fits of packing and taking to the streets in a chaotic mob scene. BUT, Audrey's murder was more basic than that - it was about love and jealousy, which is as tried and true and current as those aforementioned communication devices we cling to today. She had fallen out of love with her husband and into love with her friend from the taxi dance lounge. The radio broadcast may have been a hoax, but Felton realizing that he didn't have anyone was not. It was a desperate revelation that led to murder, a million conspiracy theories and sightings and a broken, lonely body at the bottom of a forgotten well. It almost seemed unfair that the man responsible was allowed to live out most of his life while his wife lay buried in that cold well for almost 70 years, but karma seemed to have that handled.

Confession time: despite the awesome transportation to another world, this episode fell a little short of my expectations for a 100th episode. I was expecting something bigger, but this could have been any episode from any season. In fact, I was all set to call it a "tie" on the season (neither a win nor a loss), but the last 15 or so minutes saved this one for me. Nick's last-ditch effort with Toni, Stillman dancing with Kat and of course, Lilly interrogating Felton while pretending to be his dead wife saved this one instantly. Cold Case has a sort of charm to it. Even the so-so episodes have moments that put a smile on your face and convince you that they were better than they were. There were certainly enough of them this week to do just that and then you add in the well-done case, and CC comes up on top once again moving it to 7-0 on the season.

In Cold Case-related news, Kathryn Morris attended the premiere of the Vince Vaughn holiday comedy Fred Claus Saturday night in Hollywood with her main man David Barrett (thanks to folks at Look Again for the heads up and photos):
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suekola44 said...

Great pics. She really is quite beautiful! About this episode. I always have a little trouble with the cases that take place so long ago. They are just a litle too far-fetched for me. These people would not remember things 70 years ago. I can't even remember conversations I had a week ago!! Plus the people were way too young. That husband would have to have been about 103 now.Ralph Waite is only in his 80's. Anyway, I'm just saying.

TVFan said...

The people were definitely too young for the age they were playing. I like the older ones for the history, so I guess I tend to overlook the exceptional memories of those involved. :-)