Tuesday, November 20, 2007

'Case' Star Speaks Out For Her Crew

Cold Case star Kathryn Morris weighed in on the effects of the ongoing writers strike on the hit crima drama's crew members. In a brief interview with the syndicated Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith, she explains why she's standing behind the people behind-the-scenes:

Kathryn Morris: "Cold Case" Bitter Strike Realities Setting In

Publish Post"Cold Case" star Kathryn Morris reveals that the Hollywood writers' strike has made things "very emotional on our set. Writers on a lot of other shows on the Warner Bros. lot tried to pump out a few extra scripts to help the crews get through the holidays. Our writers chose not to do that. It hurt the crew, hurt their feelings," she says. "The electricians, the grips, the costumers, hair and makeup people — all who do not have the luxury of receiving residuals and get paid week to week — are going to have to find work to feed their families. Some of these people will not be coming back to 'Cold Case' at all. This is bound to break up our crew," she goes on heatedly. "This is a crew that just put in over 100 episodes, that puts in 80-hour work weeks and does double episodes to make air dates. We've worked together closely for five years, and we're a tight family. Now, some of them will probably have to find work outside of TV or films." Morris stresses, "As much as I respect and understand what the writers are doing, catching up with the technology, to see this crew getting split up is painful." They'll be working until Friday (Nov. 16), she tells us, and then the set will be shuttered. As for Morris herself, she relates that she'll still have some post-production recording and other work ahead on the series, and then she'll possibly take on another movie assignment. She notes, "There's been more feature activity — films that have locked scripts. I'm going to be available because of the break. Even when we do go back, it's going to take awhile to get some scripts together."

Sobering words. And a HUGELY respectable stance from Kathryn. Even more reason why we need both sides to find a fair resolution ASAP.

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suekola44 said...

Great words from Kathryn Morris. She really is a genuine person.