Tuesday, March 24, 2009

'Grace' Back to Her Old Tricks

By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

All good things must come to an end.

Like detectives Grace Hanadarko and Ham Dewey remaining thankfully wonderfully blissfully apart.


Did I mention I miss Christina Ricci?

Like, a lot?

Abbey, come back!!!!!!

This week's episode of Saving Grace are the kinds I can do without.

Or, perhaps I should say the return to the smothering, over-the-top, obsessive compulsive codependent mess that is the relationship between Grace and Ham is something I can do without.

It was so refreshing NOT having them together, seeing both characters grow beyond each other's mess. Now that they're back, it's kind of making my skin crawl. Something about Holly Hunter and Kenny Johnson is just becoming too much. Is it possible to have too much chemistry? I dunno. If it is, they are guilty of it. This is no disrespect to either actor, but at some point, I just roll my eyes with their characters' constant drooling over each other with every look, every sentence, every head nod, every laugh, every glance ... just.stop.it. In fact, I'm now wanting IA to find a reason to send both Ham and Grace to opposite ends of the earth.

'Cause then we could bring back Abbey.

But seriously, since Ham and Grace were jonesing for each other from the get-go, what do we think the case about?


Lots of sex.

The 5-6-7-hour Tantra version(s) between a sex god and all of his goddesses - one of whom ends up dead in his pool ('cause when you're gettin' your freak on with everyone in the neighborhood - single, married or otherwise - they can just pop over whenever they feel like it). And since the show has a history of being in your face with and about every sexual encounter Grace has ever had, I found this episode one big let's-talk-about-sex-baby excuse.

And really, that premise got old after season one.

Plus, I had a hard time believing any police department in the nation would allow its detective to practically HAVE sex whilst questioning a suspect.

Or be taught the finer point Tantra.

Or whatever.

I usually am one for lending shows a lot of creative license, but this was just absurd. Again, was this an excuse to allow for more HHWMs? (Holly Hunter Wardrobe Malfunctions; read: have her wander around naked for half the ep?)

Just. Stop. It.

Seriously, we had excellent back-to-back-to-back eps that didn't focus on the Ham and Grace obsession or figuring out how they were going to bang each other in a new fashion.

That included the Bobby storyline, whereby he is continuing to recover from his deep cover assignment as part of a child sex ring. THIS kept me intrigued this week, and it was the highlight of the ep - including his release at the end to Grace (the only good thing she seemed to do for me this week).

I feel for Bobby. I really do. I also feel for Butch, who is stuck in the middle of his partner's delusions as a result of the horrors he encountered WHILST undercover. While I do hope their partnership survives, I confess I wouldn't be sorry if we found another reason to separate Ham and Grace.

Even without Abbey.

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RichE said...

Sounds like a fun episode (the bit prior to "Seriously" that is). CC producers take note. A bit of "rompage" in Rampage is not enough!



John said...

I am also tired of the Grace - Bobby story line. It only has two themes - 1) they want each other and 2) they are a disaster together.

I did like Leon's story this week.

And when I saw the architect/free love proponent, I kept thinking how the actor has changed since “Some Kind of Wonderful).