Monday, March 30, 2009

Lilly's Checkmate

Remember the whole "possible versus probable" discussion when you were in school? Well, this week's episode of Cold Case was a textbook example of that classroom lesson. Is it possible that shards of glass from 50 years ago were hanging around in the vent next to the glass cabinet (No one cleaned or replaced the vent in 50 years?) and that one of those shards just happened to contain enough blood evidence that yielded DNA? Sure, it's possible. But, really, do we think it's very probable? I have to confess that this one part of the story (which turned out to be nothing more than a red herring anyway) really kinda irked me throughout the hour. Unfortunately for CC, this wasn't the only detail that irked me, so overall, I found the case to be pretty blah and forgettable. Fortunately for CC, they threw in a couple of stellar Lilly/Paul Cooper scenes that literally saved the episode.

The slow, but steady unfolding of the story between Lilly and her father has been nothing short of brilliant. It has showcased the immense talent of Kathryn Morris and recurring guest star Raymond J. Barry. It has stayed true to the character of Lilly -- the one we fell in love with way back in season one (you know, the confident, but cautious; fun, but sensible Lilly Rush who had a healthy devotion to her work). It has revealed more about the character in a few short meetings than a season did with the predictable, overdone story line between Lilly and her alcoholic mother. I see a beautiful, meaningful relationship between Lil and her dad blooming and if this trend continues, it will only strengthen the show. Perhaps the best piece of history between Lil and her dad was that little Christmas anecdote about Lilly taking her mom home after another bender and finding the bike on her front steps. Now, we all know it didn't come from mom. This little story was the missing piece in the history of Lilly and Paul Cooper. He hadn't abandoned her. He still cared about her through the years and he seems to want nothing more now than to reclaim the gap between Ellen's drunken stupors and his daughter's career as an esteemed cold case detective. Finally, someone in Lilly's life who is good for her -- who can ground her and hopefully, teach her how to trust again. This is the story line I have been waiting for.

Once again, HUGE standing ovation to the amazing Kathryn Morris for her quiet, yet spot-on performance. She alone could put this one in the "win" column, but her scenes with Raymond J. Barry were enough this week. CC moves to 18-0-1 on the season. Screencaps courtesy of RichE.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%, I found myself more intersted in the Lilly/ Cooper storylines more than anything else.

He is a good thing for her, notice how there wasn't anything negetive said or her usually looking for a way to escape look?


TVFan said...

It's just so well done. Great point about Lil not looking for a way to escape! Plus, we're not getting any of those eye-roll scenes at the mention of her father. This is someone she truly likes and wants to get to know better. Love it!

RichE said...

Great to see so much smiling Lilly/Kathryn. Me likey! :-)

Lilly is clearly happy to have her father around. Me thinks all this happiness might be leading to some... er... lack of happiness.

This week's story was quite good, though not as dramatic as some. It did what CC does well, giving us a peek into a period of US history and looking at a human story in it.

I liked how at the end they showed the various people (cops and others) in family relateed situations. Vera looking for a house. Lilly with her father. The victim and his wife's family uniting. Scotty on his own in the box room.


LillyKat said...

Yay, TVFan! I'm glad you also questioned the probability of how in the world broken glass - which just so happens to be a perfectly bloodied murder clue - remains in a clearly visible vent on the floor for 50 some-odd years. I balked right out loud that scenario - and I ususally give shows a lot of creative license. LOL!

That said, Lilly and dad was PRICELESS. :-)

TVFan said...

As soon as that shard of glass appeared, the story lost a lot of credibility for me (and I think that scene happened before the opening credits). Honestly, had the Lilly/Paul Cooper story not happened, this would have been a "miss" for me. The show really saved itself with those Lilly/Paul scenes.

Anonymous said...

The shard glass scene appeared when Kathryn was on Regis, as a clip.


Anonymous said...

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