Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Summer Glau's 'Big Bang'

Summer Glau Guests on 'The Big Bang Theory'
"It's hot in here. It must be Summer."
- Rajesh, The Big Bang Theory

So, yes, I tuned into last night's The Big Bang Theory JUST to see my beloved Summer Glau.


The gist of the ep was that Sheldon, Leonard and Co. were taking the train to San Francisco for a nerdball conference, and Summer happened to be on the train, too (to Santa Barbara). So, Rajesh, Howard and Leonard debate how to go over and talk to her - thinking they have a chance to ... uh, ask her out. That is, except for Sheldon, who was too worried about having left his flash drive back in the apartment, which held his super-duper genius paper to show super-duper genius astrophysicist/cosmologist/Nobel Prize in Physics laureate George Smoot (who also appeared in the ep).

Perhaps Josh Friedman should talk to the TBBT folks for story ideas - 'cause they had some awfully funny ones on how if machines were already here AND Skynet really existed, the most successsful way to disguise them would be as the actors who play the terminators in all of the Terminator films.

Thank you, Sheldon!

Seriously, it's sad when THAT is a more intersting story concept to me at this point than what is going on over on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

And can I just say Summer Glau is too cool for stopping by the show.

But then again, we already knew that.

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John said...

I have never watch The Big Bang Theory before and probably won't again, unless Summer returns. I found the regular characters too annoying to watch on a regular basis.

Summer was great. I want a new network - SGN - All Summer Glau, All the Time.

I even liked the regulars plotting on how to talk to her and their interactions with her.

I wonder if Summer's appearance on the show will translate into better ratings for T:TSCC? I am sure that is why Fox allowed her to be on CBS.