Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'Grace's' Nice New Twist

By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

Whew, that's better.

We returned to the good stuff this week on Saving Grace.

The really good stuff.

And I can now stop lamenting the loss of Christina Ricci to the cast because we've added Kathy Baker (er, at least for a few eps).

I've said from Day 1 some of the strongest eps of this show are when Grace deals with her nephew, Clay. I'm going to have to add to that when she is genuinely concerned for her family on the whole, it also makes for excellent viewing.

It shows us the evolution and maturing of the character.

It gives us the it's-not-all-about-Grace sobering moment.

Like her unsolved case that we'll call The Katherine Rose - and the father that sends her a rose each month to remind her.

Or her revelation that the new bar maid, Maggie (played fantastically by Kathy Baker), is also her brother-in-law's new main squeeze.

Much to her chagrin. And suspicion.

Sure, she acts like she's happy for Doug; that she digs he's finally found someone. Meanwhile Grace is running Maggie through Interpol given the first run through of her record came up clean.

Suspect much, Grace?

And yet, there is something quite genuine in what she's doing. Sure, she might be taking things a bit TOO far. Or abusing her authority as a detective.
But this IS Grace Hanadarko - when does she ... uh, not do that?

And this is, after all, the side of her family she has the most guilt for given Doug is the husband of her sister who died in the Oklahoma City bombing - which as we know Grace feels responsible. Clay is her guilty conscience. Anything that ties back to Clay is in her crosshairs. She is determined not to let anything happen to her family ever again. I kind of dig that about her.

I also suspect we aren't getting the full story with Maggie. Something seems ... fishy? Maybe I'm buying into Grace's paranoia, or maybe it's just the previews for NEXT week's ep.

In any event, I like the side of Grace we're seeing in this second half of the season - save for last week's return to ... ahem, the old days.

I also really, really, really, really want Leon to get off Death Row. The visit from his high school gal pal, and the video message from his high school reunion saying they love him ... awww!

C'mon, Leon. Fight for yourself, will you?

New episodes air Mondays at 10 p.m. on TNT. You can watch full episodes of the show anytime over on the show’s official Web site. You can also visit EmbraceYourGrace.com to share your stories of how you embrace your inner-Grace.


John said...

I agree Grace was being Grace as regards to Maggie, but I didn't like the behavior.

I detected at least as much self-interest as concern for Clay. She wants Clay close and she will do what she needs to do get that. And I don't think she is a good for Clay. She loves him, but she encourages his wild side too much ad kids his age don’t need more encouragement in that area.

I really fear the previews for next week because it looks like Grace was right about Maggie. I really hope the previews are misleading. We don't need a Grace who is vindicated in her self-interest inspired paranoia.

I found it hard to believe that a bunch of people would send a "We love you." message to a murderer. I didn't get the impression that Leon was a saint before the accident, so why all the love.

However, I hope Leon gets off death row, at least partly because I am opposed to the death penalty. And I do find the character and actor very interesting. He is much further along the road to heavenly redemption than Grace is. He is at least struggling with the issues - Grace avoids hers and Leon's issues and how they are connected.

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