Monday, April 12, 2010

'Cold' Files

This post is going to make me very unpopular in the Cold Case world. I'll explain later, but first, I loved this episode. It had a few weaknesses, but overall, it was excellent. Who would have thought that CC, based in Philadelphia, would be able to pull off an episode centering around a murder at Woodstock?! They did, though, and they did it very well. And just in case I wasn't in love enough with this hour, they went and gave us more of Yates!! Seriously, it's like the writers are reading my mind.  Plus, they're delivering the best run of episodes since the second season. It's too bad we have to wait a few weeks before we get to see more from this season. The only element of this outing that I wasn't too fond of was the personal stuff transpiring back in Philly (with the exception of the Yates/Stillman story). Meanwhile in NYC, Lilly was facing a huge decision and this is where the rest of the CC fans and I part ways.

I want Lil to take the job with the FBI (dodges tomatoes). Let me explain before you throw anymore produce... The fate of the series is up in the air at best, so if the show isn't renewed (which, unfortunately, seems like a very real possibility), I'd like it to end with Lil taking the next step in her career. Working for the FBI's cold case unit sounds like a great move. Plus, wouldn't it just lend itself to the perfect spin-off should CC get the ax? If by some stroke of awesome-ness the show gets picked up, then having Lil move to the FBI isn't condusive to another season because we'd lose the rest of the gang  and I don't think I could go without Vera's hilarious one-liners. Of course from a purely career-oriented perspective, Lil would be crazy not to take the opportunity. She has nothing keeping her in Philly, but she just might have something more than a great career waiting in NYC.

From the moment Agent Cavanagh laid eyes on Lilly, he didn't seem to want to take them off of her. I noticed the way he looked at her during that fabulous two-parter, so I wasn't too surprised that he wanted her to stick around and help him with the Woodstock case. I was surprised (along with Lil), however, that he had been engaged and his finacee had died in a car accident. Lil and Ryan's moment in the rain and then in the barn was inevitable and I appreciated the parallel between that moment and the one Annabelle shared with David all those years prior. Later outside the bar, things took a more flirtatious and then intimate turn (thanks to a few beers). The entire time they were discussing the keys being locked in the car, I was thinking that they shouldn't be driving anyway, so I'm glad Lil said something. Of course, this was after she used her gun to smash the window (which surprised me more than Ryan!). I like these two together. He seems like a nice, stable guy with whom Lil could have a healthy, meaningful relationship. Then again, that probably can't happen if Lil moves to the FBI. Decisions, decisions.

I thought when Yates said goodbye to Lil last week we'd seen the last of her. I've never been so happy to be wrong! I LOVE this character! In fact, if my hypothetical spin-off ever happened, Susanna Thompson would have to bring her Agent Yates character over to that show. And speaking of Thompson, she was born to play this role. She's beyond amazing in it and I relish every scene she shares with Lil. This week, however, she was sharing scenes with Stillman almost exclusively and I thought that she was still fabulous. It was good to see a different side to her. I would love to see her and Stillman have a happy ending together. It just sucks that they gave us this great character and they're probably going to take her away.  And since my hypothetical spin-off is probably not going to happen, someone needs to give the wonderful Susanna Thompson her own show -- STAT!

The Vera/high school sweatheart and Kat/Curtis story lines were merely space fillers and that's exactly how they felt (although, I suspect both will carry over to the final few episodes of the season). In fact, I found myself wishing I could fast forward through parts of that "home invasion" side story.  I did, however, really enjoy the case. Annabelle and David had a touching story and his murder was very tragic.  So, overall, another awesome, kickass episode of Cold Case moving it to a solid 20-0 on the season.  Screen cap courtesy of RichE at Kathryn Morris UK.  And to see more caps from this episode, visit his all-inclusive Kathryn Morris site HERE.



Lii2 said...

I actually liked this episode

The kiss between the agent and Lilly wasn't romantic, but a spur of a moment thing. Although they were cute together, nothing more will come of it. I just can't see both of them together. couldn't stand the other story with the home invasion.

Good for Lilly for not taking the folder with her, that contained the FBI application. A part of me wanted her to take it.


Naj said...

The reason I like Yates is because she's a Sharon Stone clone and I like that. I, too, don't mind if Lilly jumps Philly Detective unit and goes with the FBI. If this is the last season of Cold Case, then let Lilly advance in her career and as you say if there is a spin off - what better way to introduce it although I do think the writers are attempting to tweak this cc series to allow for a possible renewal and are changing things up with the episode(s). If any of the fan boards are indicative on whether the show will be renewed with these changes - this last episode has fans all over the place on their like or dislike of the episodes.

The rain scene I have to disagree - I just found it so hokey and even more so since Anabelle and the military guy had the same experience in the rain. Interesting how we all experience things!


TVFan said...

It was definitely hokey, don't get me wrong, but I liked it (I know, I'm a sap! ;0)). I think I just liked the whole tie-in to the case and the parallel they were trying to draw there, but yeah, definitely hokey.

Anonymous said...

Adding in another person won't happen, the network wants to save money.hence the budge cuts this season.

Also I doubt we'll have a spinoff either, those are most doomed to tank rather quickly. Besides Fans would rather see, Cold Case than the spin off version.


Naj said...

I think I'm sapped out, TVFan. I didn't realize they were going to make this a romantic attraction for Lilly. I was not expecting it. I guess it was more plausible for me to believe they would make it a three some of Rush and Yates and this Cavanaugh strictly focused on a new team of sorts. Never could actually see if Lilly took the application. I was rewatching that scene over at the CBS site. Some fancy editing there!

RichE said...

Can't say the main case really grabbed me. It was always a secondary thing to the main event. Vera's case was a way of keeping them busy. No Jeffries.

Any episode with that many Kathryn smiles in is alright with me :-)

I can't say I'm too bothered either way if Kathryn continues on Cold Case or some FBI themed spin-off show. It would be a shame if the spin-off meant the loss of the CC supporting cast though.

And if neither happens it hopefully opens up new opportunities for Kathryn. I'd like to see her go back to her earlier TV days and do some guest starring roles, though more significant ones because she is higher profile now. That way she could have more time for movies as well.

Kathryn Morris UK

Lii2 said...

I don't think CBS would even go for a spinoff show featuring Lilly as an FBI agent. They already are trying to get rid of CC, but hopefully they won't.

If it doesn't get renewed, I'd rather see Kathryn starring in another tv show, as the main character. She deserves to have that again, but not playing another cop, something different, perhaps comedy.


TVFan said...

I would love to see Kathryn tackle a show like NBC's Parenthood. It's a character-driven show that relies on its cast and writers. There are so many meaty roles and it would be such a departure from CC. If she does another TV show, that's the type of show that I'd like to see her do (other than my hypothetical spin-off ;0)).

Of course, she'd be great on the big screen full time as well.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see her on " How i met your mother," or an HBO show. Quite possible Kathryn having her own show on HBO.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for Cold Case being renewed. Anyhow, Kathryn doesn't need this tiny cheesy guest stint roles when she was younger, she can handle having a very big role.