Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Help Rush Stay on the 'Case'

From the Look Again message board:

This Sunday May 2nd from 9-11 pm (ET) is the Season 7 finale of your favorite CBS prime time drama.

Will Sunday’s final two season episodes be the last new episodes of this series? Do you desire to see Lilly Rush and her “nameless male horde” and Kat back next fall with a fresh set of cases to solve?

It is a fact that Cold Case is “On the Bubble”. What does that mean? It means fans have to vocalize in writing by a letter or postcard to CBS Entertainment. It’s in our hands. Cold Case needs our letter, envelope and stamp now! This is the final call. It must be done one fan at a time. We are providing an address and letter. It’s that simple.

Can a television series be saved solely by the fans? Yes. Various television series’ have been saved by fans when they were scheduled to be dropped from the line up. (Jericho, Angel, Firefly, Veronica Mars) It takes every fan who sees this to respond and tell others everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, other message boards and fan run sites. Cold Case is “On the Bubble” and your response “will” make a difference. Believe it and respond with your letter/postcard to CBS by MAY 8..

Nina Tassler
President of CBS Entertainment
CBS Headquarters
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019-6188

STANDARD MESSAGE: (use this or devise your own letter/note)

Dear Ms. Tassler;

“People shouldn't be forgotten, even if they are my kind of people. Maybe they don't have a lotta money, they don't have lawyers... but they matter. They should get justice, too.” -Det. Lilly Rush (Cold Case)

Ever since Lilly Rush uttered those words in the pilot episode of Cold Case, viewers like us have been drawn to her personal crusade to find justice for every victim. The fact that her victims have had to wait longer than most makes her job and this show that much more interesting. At the end of each episode, there is a sense of justice that can’t be replicated by other crime shows. Cold Case has always stood out of the pack with its solid writing, raw emotions and ability to transport you to the time period of the latest victim’s untimely death. The show is special and we, the fans, would hate to lose such a quality program.

It is shows such as Cold Case that set apart CBS from the other networks and prove that crime dramas can have character and emotion and not just fancy science. The characters can make you laugh one moment and cry another. And the stories appeal to everyone because justice is a theme we all rally behind.

Before you make your final decision on Cold Case’s fate next season, we implore you to “Look Again” at the series and discover why so many of us want to see it return. Please give Cold Case another season so Lilly can stay on the “Case.”

(your name here)

So... faithful PTR readers, SEND THOSE LETTERS!  Make sure Lilly and co. stay on the Case!


Lii2 said...

What about the on-line petition for those who are too busy to write a letter, and who aren't on that Look Again board?

Why is starting so late anyways, they should have started it much earlier?

I'm still wondering if CBS knows about that on-line petition as well. Unless they don't care won't read it.


Naj said...

Byrdman has been working on this for two months now. Actually Byrdman began working on this in November. Now we are in the final phase which requires "proactive involvement from the fans" by sending an actual letter. This has the most influence. Each fan has to do it! If you want to sign the petition then sign the petition and make your rounds across the internet and encourage people to sign the petition but the more important phase right now is to encourage the letter to CBS by May 8 and give the address and the standard letter to make it a simple process for fans. This is the third phase. So post at TV.com, IMDB,CBS community, Television Without Pity, TNT, your Facebook account, re-tweet Look Again's April 27 Tweet and anywhere else where you think this information can be announced. This letter appeal is the last way to let CBS Entertainment know fans are serious.


Anonymous said...

I already signed the petition more than four times and have e-mailed CBS reguarding this.

I just wonder if CBS actually will give a crap and renew this show. They would be very foolish not to.