Monday, April 12, 2010

Hind 'Sight'

I know the premiere was over a week ago, but last week's trip down memory lane has me feeling like In Plain Sight is really back.  The show didn't waste too much time putting Mary back in the fold after she was shot in last season's finale and Marshall complete his quest to find the party responsible.  So this past week's episode moved forward, er backward, in the always-intriguing world of WITSEC.  And just for fun, we also got another West Wing alum: Allison Janney.  This episode was stuffed with that trademark Mary sense of humor that makes this show so great.  It was comforting to know that she was just as sarcastic the day she met Marshall as she is today and that their bond has strengthened over the years.  Of course, it had no place to go other than to be made stronger because they weren't exactly buddies when Mary met Marshall.

They HATED each other!  Her take-charge attitude and no-holds-barred biting sarcasm drove him nuts and his laid-back style and hand-holding approach with the witnesses made her insane.  Plus, she couldn't handle the fact that his name is Marshall and he's a U.S. Marshal (finally, someone addressed this because it has bugged me since the show started.  Like Mary, I didn't realize his name is Marshall).  In a cruel twist of fate (or was it a happy accident?), the two were forced to escort two witnesses to Albuquerque where they were to enter the WITSEC program and start their new lives together.   In addition to Marshall getting on her nerves, the couple was driving her nuts as well because of their mushy love affair and willingness to enter the program together without knowing each other that well.  But something happened on the way to Albuquerque -- Mary softened.  It was only a teensy-weensy bit, but it was enough to recruit her into the WITSEC department and the rest, as they say, is history.  Very, very funny history.

Meanwhile in the present, Mary and Marshall were dealing with the same couple.  This time, however, the couple was going through a rough patch and the ramifications had the female witness wanting a divorce.  Messy in any context, but made even messier by their WITSEC status since they were both going to need new IDs and new cities.  Mary was up for the challenge (she had bet Marshall that those two would never make it), but in the end, it wasn't necessary as the couple was able to work through things after a very real brush with death.

Things are beginning to get weird again at home for Mary.  Brandi suddenly needs a large sum of money and she's planning a trip to New Jersey.  I'm worried that she's about to throw away the very good thing she has going right now.  Her life was finally getting back on track, so I hope her need for cash and a trip back east is not for nefarious purposes.  And maybe it's just me, but it seemed that actress who plays Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) might be pregnant in real life.  This would explain the careful shots of her and the character's sudden need to visit the Garden State.  I haven't been able to verify this hypothesis, so if someone knows for sure, please feel free to leave me a comment.

All in all, a strong showing for In Plain Sight.  I'm wondering if we're going to see any fallout from Marshall's more direct approach about his feelings last season.  I guess time will tell.  In Plain Sight airs Wednesday nights on USA Network. If you missed this episode, check it out for free at  And for more on the show, visit


John said...

I am not spoiled about what Brandi is doing, but I am betting it has to do with finding their father. Maybe she is hiring Adam Schiff (rabbi/detective). He offered to help Mary at one point. And this would increase the number of West Wingers on the show to 4.

I really disliked the male in WitSec. He deliberately tries to blow here cover so they will have to relocate so his wife won’t her store or friends – just him. That is the action of an abuser.

The Marshall and Mary “The Early Years” was very good and explains how someone like Mary would join WitSec.

I have a wait and see attitude on Allison Janney’s character.

TVFan said...

I have that same wait and see attitude with Allison Janney's character. She might make for a good foil to Mary, but the story could fall flat too. I miss Eleanor!

Kara said...

Mary McCormack mentioned on Howard Stern's show that Nichole Hiltz is pregnant, which does explain why she's always shot hidden behind blankets and fruit bowls and why she's suddenly going to disappear for a while.

TVFan said...

Thank you so much for the verification, Kara. :0)