Friday, April 09, 2010

One Hundred 'Bones'

There is only one way to describe this week's monumental 100th episode of Bones: HEART-WRENCHING!!  The episode was important for so many reasons with the most basic being that it gave us the beginning of the story between Booth and Brennan.  But, it was so much more than that!  Of course, it was heart-wrenching -- OMG, was it heart-wrenching -- but it was also funny, revealing and it had me on the edge of my seat (especially during that last scene).  On the one hand, I was worried that too much might have happened in the past between these two and on the other, I was worried that not enough happened.  Luckily, the show struck the right balance and in the process, showed us exactly how Booth and Bones wound up where they are today.  And then the ending moment happened and everything changed right before our eyes.

These two characters have always had chemistry (to the point where I've often wondered how they've never done anything about it in the past), so it was no surprise to see them both taken with each other the moment they met (with Booth even asking Brennan if she believed in fate -- of course, she doesn't).  I was surprised to see how forward they both were about their attraction to one another right from the start (especially considering how they seem to shy away from any mention of attraction or feelings for the other in the present).  Sweets was convinced that if the pair ever started down the road to something more than partners, they'd never return.  When Booth and Brennan told him how they kissed in the rain outside the bar with plans of catching a cab back to one of their apartments, he instantly thought that he was wrong about them.  But, he couldn't have been more right.

That kiss in the rain was the catalyst for all of the pent up unresolved feelings between the pair to this day.  They didn't let the dam open up and they've been paying the price ever since.  Once Sweets reminded Booth that he's the gambler, and therefore, should be the one to take the chance, things got a little too close-for-comfort for Booth and Bones and they headed out for a bite to eat.  But everything that they had just discussed and that Sweets had pointed out was hanging there and it wasn't going to go away.  So Booth took the gamble and he laid it all on the line.  He told her that he wanted to try to make it work between them.  He told her that he has heard older couples say how they "just knew" and he was ready to make the same commitment to her.  He told her to shoot for a different outcome.  And then, he kissed her and for a brief moment, everything seemed right.  But then she pushed him away -- both literally and figuratively.  She explained that she hadn't been protecting herself all this time -- she was protecting Booth from herself.  HEART. BREAK!!!  They both looked so sad and Booth was so deflated.  And my heart was breaking for both of them.

And now, here is this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

THE GOOD: The whole, entire freakin' HOUR!!  But, Booth gets the award for the best moment of the episode when he took that enormous gamble.

THE BAD: Brennan turning Booth down and making him (and herself) look like a sad little puppy dog.

THE UGLY: The squints' social skills.  I know it's hard to believe, but they were actually more socially inept back then than they are today!  It made for some funny moments, though.

If you missed this week's episode ("The Parts in the Sum of the Whole"), check it out for free at     


John said...

The weekly case was really an afterthought. I doubt the writers spent 10 minutes working out the murder and motive.

The flashback Bones and Booth almost appear to inhabit an alternate universe (do they know Walternate?)

I wish the U.S. Attorney had a smaller part. I have never liked that character. – she has all of Bone’s warmth, with none of the justification.

Unlike many fans of the show, I don’t ship B&B, but I am not opposed to it either. If they are to become a couple I think it is now up to Bones to do the heavy lifting. Right now I think she is right. She isn’t able to be a real girlfriend/POSSLQ/wife. She is too emotional damaged.

I wonder if her dislike of psychology is because she fears it can help her, but can’t stand the thought of the pain the therapy will entail.

Teresa B said...

OMG!! What an emotional roller-coaster ride that was! John is right, the case was an afterthought, but since it was supposed to be a flashback/recounting of their first case, it was just right. DB as Booth was amazing in that last scene. He looked absolutely desperate, heart-broken and wrecked. Did you catch where he wiped away a tear when they were leaning against that car?
When Sweets asks how long the affair lasted, for a moment I thought Bones was going to say that they were still in it. Sweets was hysterical during that whole recounting as he sees all his work going down the drain.
I hope Bones reconsiders her decision; there is just too much between them besides a working relationship to let it go. I'm sure someone can make an executive decision to allow them to still be a team if they become romantically involved. Bones could pull her considerable influence to make that happen, right?
And that's all I'm saying now because that is where I want the show to go :-)

RichE said...

I fear I might in a minority here.

Don't get me wrong, it was all very well done, but I found it all a little hard to take. If Temperence is being so cold and rational about it, how come she was so upset?

Of course they have to a team still. No Bones & Booth, no show. Booth is going to want to be around Tempy still, as you would with some one you care about so much. She will just go on as though little has happened, which is more difficult to take seriously. In that situation the unrequited is likely to want to avoid the unrequiter (if that makes sense).

As I said, I'm probably in the minority.

Perhaps we'll now get a few normal episodes in the lead up to what ever the finale has in store.

Kathryn Morris UK

TVFan said...

Forgot to mention this...

Did anyone else notice the quote from Carl Sandburg written on the wall outside right before Booth took his big gamble?

"Nothing happens unless first a dream.."

Considering the fact that last season ended with a "dream" about Booth and Bones in a loving, happy relationship, I can't help but wonder if the show purposely made a point to show that quote as a way to foreshadow future events and/or give us a nod that everything will work out in the end. I'm just not sure how long we'll have to wait. :0)