Thursday, April 15, 2010

'Glee'-ful Return

While I'm happy to have Glee back, I hate this Tuesday night thing!  I have so many other shows to watch that I couldn't even DVR it, so I had to watch it on the net yesterday (thank you,  But seriously, can all of the networks quit conspiring against me and put some of their big shows on nights other than Tuesday?!  Once I was able to watch this episode, it was worth the hassle.  It had me laughing right out the gate.  Sue was her usual hilariously obnoxious self, Puck was giving Quinn a hard time for getting "fat" (kinda happens when you're PREGNANT!  And yes, Puck, it IS your fault), and Rachel was giving Finn a couple's calendar with all of her their future plans.  We hadn't even gotten to the first commercial break and I was already hooked and happy to have this fun show back.  As the episode progressed one thing became painfully obvious to everyone except the one person it needed to be apparent to and it may just cost her something much, much better.

That Vocal Adrenaline choir boy is playing Rachel like a cheap fiddle!  I just want to shake her until she gets it, and at the same time, I want to hug her because I feel so darn badly for her.  She wants to be loved so much that she's willing to to put blinders on and believe a smooth-talking senior with the voice of an angel (did he nail that Lionel Richie tune or what??!!  Man, was that duet awesome!).  I knew the minute he "found" her at his favorite "haunt" that he was no good (other than his magical voice).  Even if I was a bit taken with him after he started singing "Hello," I regained my composure and got back to focusing on his cheating ways.  He knows Rachel could win regionals for glee club, so he's taking out the competition one sweetly sung note at a time.  Seriously, could this guy be a bigger jerk?

You know who also kinda crossed into the "jerk" column for a few minutes this week?  Will!  His reaction to Emma's confession about her history (or lack thereof) with men and his little make-out session with Vocal Adrenaline's coach were not the actions our favorite glee club director.  Thankfully, both women pointed out the obvious: Will needs to get to know Will before he tries to get to know someone else.  I think a little time to himself will do him well.

The night's funniest scene goes to that awesome one in the restaurant with Santana and Brittany... oh, and Finn.  I laughed out loud when they revealed that Finn was sitting right in front of them!  "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks? Yeah..."  So. Funny!!

Glee is currently airing Tuesday nights on Fox.  If you missed this week's episode, check it out at  The music of Glee is available on iTunes.

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