Monday, April 19, 2010

The End in 'Sight'

I think this post is going to make me unpopular in the In Plain Sight community (unpopular in two separate fandoms within the same week -- must be a new record).  Something happened this week that needed to happen a long time ago.  Something that better stay as it is now and not go back to the way it was when the episode started.  Something, while sad, will be the best thing to happen to Mary's personal life in a long time.  It had nothing to do with the witness-of-the-week or Mary's co-workers, but it was the biggest thing of the hour.  And they went and snuck it in there right at the end, so now we've been left to stew over it ever since.  So, what is the enormous elephant in the room for this week's post?  It involves Mary, her future and finally getting it right.  That's a lot for one event, but this one was big enough to pull it all off.

Mary and Raph finally broke up.  I was never fully onboard with these two as a couple.  They seemed too different (and not in the "we complete each other" way).  While I don't doubt that they love each other very much, they're just not the right people for each other.  Neither ever seemed too happy to be in a relationship with the other.  If nothing else, their relationship was holding each of them back from moving on and living their respective, separate lives.  Now, none of this made their break-up scene any less heartbreaking.  Doing the right thing isn't always easy, so I know that Mary was struggling on the inside as she let Raph leave without stopping him.  Those few moments must have felt like an eternity for her.  These two have always seemed like they were one fight away from breaking up which is why I was so surprised when he proposed to her last season.  Even after they were engaged, I had a hard time imagining they would ever make it down the aisle.  The possibility became even less likely when Raph's aunt came to town and asked about the wedding date.  Mary thought Raph's suggestion was too soon and she became increasingly more uncomfortable with the idea of marrying him as the episode wore on.  So the final moments were not a surprise, but they were difficult.

Before the episode threw that little curve ball at the end, Mary was busy with a witness who had just woken up from a coma.  To make matters worse, the woman he loved was told that he had died and had moved on and married his former partner (since he was put into the program and they wanted the men responsible for his shooting to think he was dead).  Yikes!  Mary tried to smooth things over, but everything got worse before it got better.  In the end, the witness decided to forgo being with his former girlfriend and put her happiness above his own.  It wasn't an easy decision and it seemed to hit Mary in a very profound way.

So, where does Mary go from here?  She'll have to pick up the pieces and discover what it is that she truly wants in someone else.  Knowing Mary, the journey will not be an easy one.  In Plain Sight airs Wednesday nights on USA Network. If you missed this episode, check it out for free at  And for more on the show, visit


Teresa B said...

I guess I was one of the few who thought Mary and Raph made a good couple, although I did doubt she would actually go through with the marriage part. I could see her being permanently engaged; that's about as far as her commitment-phobia would allow.
Yes, the signs were all there in the last episode that something was going to shake up that relationship, but I didn't think it was going to be a total break. Besides, I have the hots for Cristian and didn't want to see him leave the show :-)
It will be interesting now to see if Marshall acts on his feelings for Mary...

Anonymous said...

I don't think this will make you unpopular at all. I think the vast majority of the fandom thought they were a bad match and never believed that they would make it down the aisle.

I agree that this is a good change for Mary, and will allow her to finally explore what she wants out of life. I think she was with Raph for so long because it was safe. He didn't challenge her, so it was easy to just coast along without thinking or any self-examination.

As Marshall pointed out in the previous episode, it's time for Mary to turn her spidey-sense on herself, and really figure out who she is and what she wants.

John said...

Mary was never really in love with Raph, she found him comfortable with him – as long as he was willing to keep his distance. But he did allow her to open up a bit – she finally let him do some stuff around the house (more than laundry) and she told him the truth about her job. But now we have to have seen the last of him. I liked the character, but the show can’t do any more ‘will they or won’t they’ with him and he no longer has a place in the show.

I don’t think the witness of the week “decided to forgo being with his former girlfriend and put her happiness above his own”. I think he knew he was never getting back with her no matter what had happened. What he did decide to do was not destroy his ex-partner’s career. He may have done that for her benefit.

John said...

There is a spoiler for In Plain Sight at Ausiello's Entertainment Weekly website.

Here is the link, but I won't spoil anyone here.

TVFan said...

Thanks for the link, John. Interesting news.

I agree with those who say that Mary felt safe with Raph. This, of course, is not a reason to marry him. I'm glad she made this conclusion before she walked down the aisle with him.