Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fishy 'Sight'

Things certainly took an interesting turn on In Plain Sight with the WITSEC witness-of-the-week!  I'm used to Mary and Marshall protecting innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time or people who used to be bad, but are now reformed.  This week, though, was a whole new ball game.  I'm so glad the show decided to go down this road.  It has to happen from time to time in real life, so it was interesting to watch how Mary and Marshall, WITSEC - fictional division, handled it.  Of course, I doubt there's much Mary can't handle with her job (her life, however, is a completely different story -- more on that later).  So, what happens when the person you're suppose to be protecting suddenly becomes the person you need to protect someone else from?  If you're Mary, you do whatever it takes to prevent a tragedy.  With only seconds to spare, she took a HUGE risk to save an innocent woman's life.

After growing up with a mobster uncle who always insulted him and had him killing people via explosives from the time he was barely a teenager, it's no wonder that Dom grew up to be a bad egg.  I'm always one for redemption, though, so when Dom said that he wanted to open a fish store with his new identity, I believed that he had turned over a new leaf.  I know we saw the bit in the beginning, but I wasn't ready to assume that things were as they seemed in that brief clip.  But then Mary and Marshall caught the woman he was "going to marry" with her ex, and I knew Dom was going to lose it.  He seemed "off" leading up to this bit of bad news, so I had a feeling that the opening scene was about to come true exactly as it had seemed when I first saw it.  Mary and Marshall had to take a huge risk (since neither was authorized to pursue protecting this woman from the witness), but it saved the woman's life.  I guess this was why we never heard any scolding from Stan.

With Dom on the run, Mary and Marshall went from hiding their witness to drawing him out all in the span of one episode.  It was an interesting turn of events, and I enjoyed seeing the show shake things up a little (for an episode).  Meanwhile, Mary was worried about Brandi and Marshall was worried about Mary.  Turns out, the latter was not in vein because Mary kinda sorta slipped up a bit with Raph.  She saw him at the restaurant (which she was roped into going to with Dom) and this set off an excruciating night of jealousy and sadness for her.  So, she called him at 2 in the morning and he came over.  The two slept together and Mary knew the moment she opened her eyes the next morning that it was a mistake.  By the end of the episode, she seemed to finally accept that she and Raph were no more and that it would be for the best -- eventually.  She kinda broke my heart, though, when she started crying in her car after Raph took the last of his stuff and drove away.

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John said...

This was an interesting episode for the reason you mentioned. This is the first time they have "failed" with a protectee. Some people can change, but others are too badly damaged to really change and Dom was one of those.

I do wish we had not had the bomb scene in the beginning of the show. It ruined the suspense about how Dom was going to turn out.

I hope we are through with Raph. I like the character but I don’t want endless waffling on him and Mary.

You could see Marshall figure out what was going on with Mary when Dom’s “girlfriend” explained about her and her ex.

PS: Dom opened a fish store, not a fish story.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it was really nice to see a witness who "failed" in the program. Dom was really emotionally/psychologically damaged, and WitSec wasn't going to magically fix that. It was no surprise at all that he fell back into old habits within months of entering the program.

Reading the book on WitSec, it appears that sort of thing has happened quite a bit in the real WitSec. It's just too hard for some tigers to change their stripes.

I'm also glad that the relationship with Raph is over, and Mary seemed to really know it in the end. No more waffling, she knew it was done.

TVFan said...

I completely agree about the opening scene. It would have been better without it, but I guess they were looking for something to grab viewers' attention right off the top.

Count me in as one who does not want further waffling between Mary and Raph. I hope this is the end of that part of the story.

Thanks for catching the fish "story," John. All fixed. :0)