Friday, April 30, 2010

Rock 'n Roll Fantasy

Bones took us to a place that was out of Brennan's element, but completely in Booth's: Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp!  Booth was like a little kid in a candy shop and Brennan was left trying to figure out why everyone was so excited about attending the camp.  She, of course, was much more focused on solving the murder at the camp and Booth's tie (which we'll discuss further later, I promise).  So in between rocking out, singing a duet and hanging out with a famous guitarist, Booth and Bones were busy solving the murder of one the camp's attendees whose remains wound up in the industrial washing machine at the hotel hosting the camp.  And in between that, Brennan was quite focused on Booth's new tie, but it wasn't really the tie that caught her focus.

Before Booth and Bones could rock out at the fantasy camp, they had to determine who their victim was and how he died.  The who led them to the camp and the how led them to a kickass guitar that the killer used to beat the life out of the camper.  But who at a rock 'n roll camp would do such a thing to such a nice guitar?!  Honestly, even after we learned who killed him and why, I was still left wondering this last question especially since our killer was such a guitar/rock 'n roll enthusiast.  Since the victim was kind of a jerk, there were a lot of suspects who had strong motives to kill him. It all came down to jealousy.  One camper was outraged that the victim was chosen to play a guitar duet with the camp's featured famous rocker.  He was so enraged that he beat our victim with his own guitar and then wiped it clean and left it looking pristine.  The killer played his duet and then jumped off the stage and into Booth's cuffs declaring that it was worth it.  Wow, not even a shred of remorse!

Aside from their duet (an encore of season one's "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner), Booth and Bones spent the episode on different pages.  He was into the camp, she was not.  He was trying to downplay his gift from Catherine, she kept bringing it up.  He was enjoying the guitar solo, she unplugged the amp.  It was clear, these two had lost their rhythm this week.  Even though Sweets declared that they are handling dating (other people) well, I respectively disagree.  I think Brennan brought up the tie (or "social contract") over and over because she was trying to give the impression that she's doing alright with Booth dating Catherine (a pretty scientist... hmm... sound like someone else we know?).  Maybe she was even trying to convince herself.  Booth kept downplaying the relationship (perhaps, to keep away any further awkwardness or in a manifestation of his true non-feelings for Catherine), so the ensuing scenes were slightly uncomfortable.  It was almost as if Bones was saying, "See, I'm totally OK with you dating Catherine.  I mean I must be, right?  Otherwise, why would I keep talking about the GIFT she gave you after ONLY two dates?!"  I could be way off, but this is how it came across to me.  And P.S., I don't think she has any feelings for Andrew.

And now, here is this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

THE GOOD: The encore performance of Booth and Bones's "Hot Blooded" duet.  LOVED it back in season one (before the blast) and LOVED it again this week.  And bonus, Bones plays guitar!

THE BAD: Cam dating her daughter's gynecologist behind her back.  Thankfully, they worked it out and Michelle is getting a new doctor because, otherwise, just awkward!

THE UGLY: The industrial washing machine after the body had sloshed around in it for the rinse cycle.  Yuck!

If you missed this week's episode ("The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle"), check it out for free at


John said...

I think Booth likes Catherine, but is still working at moving on from Bones.

I think Bones likes Andrew, but in a very limited way. She certainly doesn’t love him and I can’t imagine it ever moving that way.

I agree with you about Cam dating her daughter’s doctor. It seems that it would be an ethical violation by the doctor as well. (The relationship with the patient is paramount, so you don’t compromise that by dating a parent.)

I found this week’s motive weak. It was a fun episode without being over the top goofy, which I hate the show doing.

RichE said...

I found the whole "band camp" thing a bit annoying.

Did B&B they really tell each other they were good at singing? Didn't sound like it to me.

As I said in a comment (rather late in the day) on the previous episode, I don't get the Bones/Andrew thing. I just don't get the attraction for her.

The flesh falling from the top of the washing machine drum was funny.

Kathryn Morris UK