Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Baggage 'Mother' Load

For a lot of guys, being dragged to the latest rom-com is just about the worst form of torture, but imagine if that rom-com was actually a really bad movie about your life!  Or in this case, one chapter of your life that led to some baggage that you still haven't been able to unload.  And then imagine that the movie went on to become the 5th highest grossing movie of all-time and a box office blockbuster over seas.  Welcome to Ted's life this week.  I never liked the way things ended with Stella (that 2-minute date is still one of my top HIMYM moments), so re-living them this week was almost as painful for me as it was for Ted.  Plus, as we've discussed in the comments here at PTR, I just feel like this show has lost some of what made it so good.  The mama-drama is growing tired and I'm getting to the point where I feel the show needs to "pee or get off the pot."  But I digress.  This week, it was another girl, another failed relationship.  This one, however, was going along fine until some rather large baggage got in the way.

First, it was Ted's baggage (that he seemed to forget he had while he was complaining about the baggage belonging to all of the women he has dated) and then it was Royce's baggage that kept these two from making some pancakes.  Ted kinda freaked out after seeing his baggage playing out in the big screen in theaters everywhere.  Of course, the story was exaggerated and Jed Mosely was a complete jerk, but this only served to make matters worse for Ted.  He'd had enough of the laughing and joking at Jed's expense, so he told off Royce and her friends and stormed out.  After some encouragement from the rest of the gang, he rushed to the theater to tell Royce the truth and ask for a second chance (while the movie played in the background mirroring the scene playing out in the theater between Ted and Royce -- it was hilarious!).  She confessed that she had been wanting him to make her the promised pancakes and the two were back on track.  That was until Ted learned that she had been left at the alter THREE times, has a gambling problem and lives/shares a bed with her brother.

Elsewhere, Barney got into trouble at the theater when he started telling Royce to "kiss" Ted, then asked a theater employee who the "kiss" he thought he was, and then told said employee to "kiss" off  (HINT: he wasn't actually saying "kiss").  In the words of Barney, it was... LEGENDARY!  OK, not exactly, but it was funny.  Then there was Marshall's sunny disposition on the mean streets of NYC.  He accidently helped some guys rob an apartment, "lent" them gas money, and gave them his address so they could pay him back.  Needless to say, Lily was a little ticked.  But, I for one, don't begrudge Marshall for his kindness to strangers.  The world could use a few more Marshalls (maybe not the help-the-robbers-steal-people's-stuff variety, but certainly the friendly kind).

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John said...

My DVR cut the show off half way through - at the end of the double date with people we don't know going on endlessly about the movie.

To be honest, I don't feel cheated.

I hope one bit of wisdom that Ted got from this was there is no one perfect and no past 29 w/o baggage.

TVFan said...

Including himself! I hope he got that lesson as well. Yeah, you didn't miss much.