Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lyin' and Spyin'

The Bartowski children sure lie to their dad about the most extreme stuff!  Chuck lied about working for the CIA, being a spy (and not just an analyst -- awesome Jack Ryan reference, by the way) and having the Intersect 2.0 in his head.  Meanwhile, Ellie was doing some lyin' and spyin' of her own.  Most kids sneak out, lie about boyfriends/girlfriends and/or school, but not the Bartowkis (who, admittedly are a bit older than the usual lie-to-the-parents sort).  Of course, their father has been lying to them for years.  They didn't even know where the man lived!  Once the secrets started coming out, though, things got interesting.  Ellie's potentially deadly secret remains to be revealed, and it could land her dad and brother in some serious danger.

Every time I see Ellie calling, talking to, or sharing information with the double agent at the CIA I cringe.  She thinks she's doing the right thing.  She thinks she's helping keep her dad safe, but she's actually leading the people who want to harm him to him.  I thought Casey was going to discover her secret, but he thought she was having an affair and then she clobbered him with a frying pan before he had a chance to find the truth.  But worst than that, she ran right to the double agent.  This was after she planted a tracer on her father's back which led the Ring to almost get their hands on a very important little mechanism.  The mechanism, hidden in the elder Bartowski's watch, is the one thing that may be able to save Chuck.  It stabilizes the Intersect every time Chuck has a flash and prevents his brain from overheating from the jolt of energy required to flash.  Luckily, Sarah got into the cabin in time to help Chuck save his father and himself from the grasps of the Ring.  Best lines of the night: "Does she have the Intersect too?" "Nope, that's all her."  Sarah kicks serious butt!

Most of the episode focused on whether or not Shaw is still alive.  Sarah and Chuck broke into Shaw's old penthouse and tried to break into his safe.  Before they could get into the safe, someone entered the penthouse and Chuck and Sarah hid in the closet.  Through their heat-sensitive see-thru glasses, they saw the figure of a man who looked like Shaw.  I had my doubts and they proved to be accurate as we saw that the Shaw lookalike was really the double agent tricking Ellie into giving up her father.  So, Shaw is dead.  Good.  In the words of ESPN's Lee Corso, "Not so fast, my friend!"  In the closing moments of the episode, we saw someone from behind who looked exactly like Shaw.  And this someone was downloading the Intersect!  His palm scan read Daniel Shaw and he had the hair... oh please tell me the real Shaw didn't just come back to life and download the Intersect!  Danger, Chuck Bartowski, danger!

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