Thursday, May 20, 2010

'Sight's' Daddy Issues

Marshall's brand-new fancy cowboy boots: a lot of money.  Putting a young witness through boarding school: even more money.  Mary working with Marshall and his father: PRICELESS!!  The pleasure she took in watching the Mann men interact was just too good to be missed.  But it didn't stop there, Mary thoroughly enjoyed and took advantage of every moment she got to be a part of this family unit.  It wasn't all fun and games, though, as Mary soon discovered that Marshall and his father have very different ideas on how to deal with criminals.  And that difference came to a head over one of Marshall's witnesses and his young, troubled girlfriend.

As soon as they found out that the elder Mann would be working out of their office for a few days, Mary volunteered herself and Marshall to help him while he was in town.  Marshall was thrilled (not) and Mary was, well, actually thrilled.  She cracked jokes about the obvious differences in demeanor between the two and wondered how old Marshall was the first time he wondered if he was adopted (4 yrs. old, for those curious).  Then, she wanted to know all sorts of things about Marshall, none of which were answered by the somewhat stoic elder Mann.  She did, however, find out why Marshall's name is Marshall.  Apparently, his mother didn't want her son to follow in his father's footsteps, so she thought if she named him Marshall then he would not want to be a U.S. Marshal (who would want to be Marshal Marshall??  Oh, wait...).  Clearly, it didn't work.  But kudos to Mary for getting the answer to the question that has bugged me more than any other on this show.

Team Mann was, in reality, nothing more than a chance for the elder to critique his son.  He was worried that Marshall's sensitive side made him ill-suited to be a marshal, but learned instead that it makes him perfect to do his job as a WITSEC inspector.  Senior Mann took a hard line with the young woman in the interrogation room and it got him squat.  Marshall went in and related to her and expressed the importance of finding her boyfriend before the drug dealer did.  He got what he needed and saved both his witness and the girlfriend.  Through their teaming up, I think Marshall's father garnered a new respect for his son and the work that he does as a marshal.

Family ties seemed to be a theme on Mary's side of the story as well.  We finally learned where Brandi has been the last few episodes: in Miami helping her half-brother.  This did not go over well with Mary nor did her coming home to find him in her living room.  Add in his past record (gambling addiction) and the fact that Brandi lent him $20,000 to help with his day trading business and you get one angry Mary!  Cooler heads prevailed in the end, and she gave her new-found family member a chance.  I don't blame Mary for being skeptical -- Brandi is a VERY bad judge of character and very gullible -- but, I did think she overreacted.  I just hope Brandi really has turned a corner and that her success while learning the ropes of day trading helps her get her life in order.

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John said...

This was a good episode. Mary's enjoyment at annoying Marshall was in character, although very annoying.

Her reaction to her new found brother was maybe too intense, but not unreasonable. And day trading is gambling, just in a different casino. The brother hasn’t changed; he is just gambling legally.

The case was good, and Marshall’s father really seemed to learn and change. Something Mary does much more slowly.