Wednesday, May 05, 2010

'Glee' Has a Bad Reputation

I know I shouldn't, but I LOVE Jesse St. James!  I'm aware that he has some sort of sinister motive for dating Rachel, but he sings like an angel, dances like a dream and has an intensity so strong it burns through my TV screen!  I'm going to end up hating myself for this when his true intentions are revealed, but not him -- not with that talent.  Seriously, I need help.  Moving on because if I don't, this post will quickly morph into a fangirl "I (heart) Jesse" diatribe that no one (including me) wants to read.  This episode freakin' ROCKED!!  I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this show is at its best when it sticks to the glee club kids and relegates the faculty members' personal stories to the back burner.  I didn't post anything about last week's episode because it was not my favorite.  In fact, I found the Will/April story line to be boring and completely without merit (I did, however, LOVE the Mercedes story and her scene with Quinn was one of the show's best thus far).  This week, the focus was back on glee club and the talented kids in it.  More specifically, which of those talented kids posted the "Glist," an act that was destined to give him/her a one-way ticket to suspension.

My money was on Jesse.  I thought that this was part of his plan to sabotage Glee.  But then we learned that Quinn had made the Glist in an attempt to gain back a little of what she has lost.  It was all a bit tragic and sad, but thankfully, an equally reputation-challenged Will was able to offer her some advice and shield her from suspension.  Will Schuester for Teacher of the Year!  Who's with me?  I enjoyed the other glee club members' attempts at becoming badasses and how they all fell flat.  Breaking out into "Can't Touch This" in the middle of the library didn't make them more badass, but it did garner them an invitation to perform at the librarian's church on Sunday.  Posting that HI-LAR-IOUS video of one Sue Sylvester performing Olivia Newton John's infamous "Let's Get Physical" on the net was pretty badass, but the gang didn't come forward until it was too late.  By that time, Sue was an internet sensation (and Top 700 recording star) for her new duet of "Let's Get Physical" with the one and only Olivia Newton John.  It turns out, the original video led to the new one and a very happy Sue.  Looks like the glee kids are going to have to settle for being the opposite of badass for now.

Meanwhile, Rachel was busy trying to be "musically promiscuous."  There was only one problem with this plan -- she forgot to inform the three guys she was planning to use in order to achieve this effect.  They didn't find out until her Bad Reputation Project debuted on the big screen in the glee club room.  She had shot a music video with each of the three guys in her life (Finn, Puck and Jesse) and then edited it together to make it look like she had all three of them fighting for her.  Finn walked out, followed by Puck, and then Jesse dumped her.  Whoops!  On the plus side, it led to an awesome duet of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" between her and Jesse.  There are no words to describe the awesomeness of Lea Michele's and Jonathan Groff's voices or the intensity in their performances during that song.          

Exit Question: Is Brittany the best minor character to ever hit TV screens?  Someone give her more material -- STAT!  And while they're at it, include Santana.  Those two are too funny!     

Glee airs Tuesday nights on Fox.  If you missed this week's episode, check it out at  The music of Glee is available on iTunes.

Congrats to Glee's Lea Michele for making the TIME 100 list!!  Some photos of Lea from last night's gala in New York:

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