Monday, May 10, 2010

Peter Goes Solo

Fringe has been a little all over the map lately (including this most recent episode), but I thought this X-Files-esque outing had enough going on to keep me from dwelling on it.  It was really strange to not have Olivia in most of the episode and almost as strange not to have Walter or Astrid either.  They were peppered in here and there -- mainly for a story line involving Walter trying (and failing) to get by on his own -- but this episode's focus was elsewhere.  It was mainly about Peter's pit stop in Washington state and how it turned into a hunt for a serial killer.  Peter got involved after interacting with a woman who became the latest victim, but it was how he stayed involved that made it interesting.  And that was nothing compared to the shocking reveal at the end.

Let's start with the serial killer case.  Peter thought he saw Newton at the crime scene.  When he learned that the victims had small pieces of their brain removed, he became convinced that Newton was responsible (he knew he had done the same to Walter).  Since the waitress was suppose to be meeting Peter at his hotel to bring him a mix CD, Peter thought Newton killed her and took a piece of her brain so he could learn Peter's location.  He was convinced that Newton was killing people who came in contact with him in order to find Peter.  Later, he saw Newton in the woods during an incredibly creepy cat and mouse scene.  Given the show's history and Peter's insistence that this was the work of Newton (and the lengths he went to in order to convince the sheriff that he was not crazy), I had no reason to doubt the narrative.  And then the rug got pulled out from under all of us.  Turns out, the serial killer was not Newton.  It was a crazy guy living on an old farm who wanted to keep a piece of his victims.  Newton had nothing to do with any of it.  I thought the twist felt forced and way too convenient (there just happened to be a serial killer who was stealing pieces of his victim's brains in the same town where Peter was trying to get lost and Newton was trying to find him).  But, it did catch me off guard.

Ever since we watched Walter take Peter from the other universe and bring him into this one, I've wondered about Walternate.  It hasn't been one of those steady, nagging question marks, but it comes up from time and time and fades when I get caught back up into the story as it unfolds.  Well this week, that recurring question finally got an answer.  Walternate is alive and well, and oh yeah, he wants his Peter back.  He enlisted the help of Newton to track down Peter so he could take him back to his universe.  Considering the fact that Peter seemed to be looking for a ticket back, something tells me he's going to go along willingly.  It's what awaits him that worries me.  Anyone associated with Newton can't be good.  Things are about to get crazy!

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John said...

I am not convinced that the local serial killer and Newton are unrelated. I don’t know how, but I am guessing the Newton took the local’s unconscious serial killer tendencies and shaped them to accomplish his (Newton’s) needs.

Not based on spoilers or anything, just years of TV watching, I am sure you are right about Walternate. My logic is Walter is a regular and a fan favorite, so he has to be better than Walternate.

Also, I am not certain Peter wants to go back to AltEarth, just that he wanted to be away from Walter.

Part of our (both viewer and the show’s good guys (such as they are) problem is we don’t really know what the agents from AltEarth really want. Is just to get Peter back? Is that plus reprisals for the kidnapping? Is Peter’s kidnapping almost extraneous to their intent? If the collision of Universes is going to be so devastating, how to the AltEarthers plan on surviving?

Why do the Observers feel that the AltEarth Peter’s is vital as opposed to this Universe’s Peter? They didn’t seem to be observing this Earth’s Peter’s death, nor try to intervene in the death, but are fixated on AltPeter.

Also, Martha Plimpton was good as the Sheriff.