Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love in 'Sight?'

Well, isn't Agent Faber the sly devil!  He comes into town with a witness who is in need of a WITSEC agent and sticks around long enough to woo Mary with a picture of his 11-year old son and a bottle of wine.  When she politely (and awkwardly) declines, he shows up one last time on her doorstep on his way out of town and gets a little dash of hope before hitting the road back to Denver.  "I'd like that" -- three little words that Faber can take with him in hopes that one day when his timing doesn't suck, he might have a chance with Mary.  So, it wasn't exactly a Nora Ephron workplace romantic comedy where witty dialog leads to romance, but in the end, Mary sorta-kinda warmed up to Faber.  Meanwhile, she had a witness problem that seemed to go from bad to worse.

Technically, Natalie should have been kicked out of WITSEC the first time she tried to pull the housing scam.  It was her first night in the program.  The sheets on her hotel bed hadn't even warmed up and she was sneaking out under the cover of darkness to pull another scam!  She didn't get very far, though, because the local cops picked her up along with some teens for loitering in an unoccupied house.  The FBI made the charge disappear and Natalie was back in her hotel room much to the chagrin of Mary.  Natalie continuously lied to the FBI and WITSEC, she failed to disclose her personal relationship with one of the Russian mob's low-level associates and she snuck out a second time to pull the scam.  This was where Mary and Faber saw their opportunity to make the case against the mob.  At first, they thought they could flip the boyfriend, but it became apparent that they could still use Natalie as a witness.  They had her secretly watch her boyfriend's interview with the FBI where he immediately proceeded to blame the entire operation on her.  Love stinks, indeed.

With the dirt bag behind bars and her witness safely relocated, Mary had time to reflect on her 36-hour marriage when she was 17 (what??!!) juxtaposed with her current day inability to let a guy buy her a drink.  Then, Faber knocked on her door.  He brought a second bottle of wine and told her that he might see her around.  She paused, unable to say what she wanted to say and devoid of something safe to say, and Faber pounced.  He wanted to know what it was she wanted to say but couldn't.  And then she gave him hope with those three words: "I'd like that."  Uh-oh, this one has already bought her two drinks and shared some personal information.  It's Mary's move.

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John said...

This was a good episode, but why was Marshall absent? I even checked the opening credits to see if he directed (he didn’t).

On to the episode. As smart as Natalie was, her boyfriend was 10 times dumber. One thing I wondered about at the end was whether the threats to the boyfriend by the mobster were real or just for show to keep Natalie working.

Given her early life, I can see how sharp Natalie could be conned by the dumb boyfriend. The one thing he knew how to do was romance Natalie.

I like Steven Webber. Faber is growing on me, but I am still not sure about him.

TVFan said...

I missed Marshall as well. I guess they didn't have anything for him to do with Faber around.