Friday, May 21, 2010

Conflict of Interests

The title of this week's Bones finale says it all: "The Beginning in the End."  At least, that's what I kept telling myself over and over again as I watched that heart-wrenching final scene unfold between Booth and Bones.  Where the finale scene in the 100th was heartbreaking (as in, actually painful), this one was more hopeful.  There was no denying Brennan's feelings as she and Booth said goodbye in the airport lobby.  It's only a year, right?  Like Booth said, what's a year in the grand scheme of things?  And absence makes the heart grow fonder, so in reality, this separation could wind up being a very good thing.  I know, I know -- I'm really sunny-siding this, but it's how I'm going to get through this very cruel, cruel summer.  Before we arrived at that emotional scene at the end, there was a very interesting process that caused Booth and Bones to decide to leave their work (and more importantly, each other) for a year.

Since she heard about it, Brennan wanted to be a part of the anthropological find in Indonesia.  She was excited, distracted and longing to be a part of history, but she wasn't exactly packing her bags.  She wanted to, but she wasn't.  Then, she found out about Booth's offer to train soldiers in capturing and detaining terrorists.  It would take him to Afghanistan for a year.  Both seemed to want to pursue their other interests, but neither wanted to leave the other high and dry.  Daisy may be annoying, but she was right about the holding each other back thing.  Once Booth thought that Bones was definitely going to Indonesia, he decided to go to Afghanistan.  And when Bones heard that Booth had decided to go to Afghanistan, she decided to definitely go to Indonesia.  It was a classic case of holding each other back, but also not wanting to be there without the other.

So, now they're spending a year in different countries pursuing things that make them happy professionally.  And while I think they both could use a break from the murder grind, I absolutely do not believe that either of them took the jobs to get away from their FBI/Jeffersonian work.  Sure, Brennan wants to be a part of that find, but she decided to go because she needed to get away from Booth.  She said as much herself when she told Angela that she needed to take a step back and re-evaluate her life objectively again (she wasn't specifically referring to Booth, but I think that's what she meant).  The simple conclusion: she has feelings for Booth -- the same that he has for her -- but she's too scared to pursue them.  Maybe she's hoping that their year apart will allow her time to get over those feelings and go back to working with Booth as a partner and viewing their relationship as such.  Booth, on the other hand, knows what he wants -- he just can't have her.  Perhaps, he hopes the distance will help him get over her.

In the end, though, I think this finale will prove to be the beginning of something more between them.  I think Brennan will realize something while she's away from Booth: her feelings aren't going away as she wants.  This is why this separation could be a very good thing for these two.  I know one thing, that reunion on the reflecting pool in one year is going to be one hell of a scene!  Let's just hope it happens when the new season starts in September.

And now, here is this week's edition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

THE GOOD:  I'm optimistic, so I'm going with the time/distance Booth and Bones just put between themselves. I think it was the much-needed next step for their eventual relationship.  

THE BAD:  Watching the poor Jeffersonian crew having to wade through that crap hole of an apartment.  Unbelievable!

THE UGLY: The entire apartment belonging to the hoarder/murder victim.  Seriously, I'm so glad smell-i-vision hasn't been invented!

Visit the Ausiello Files to find out what's in store for the show when it returns this fall.  If you missed this week's finale ("The Beginning in the End"), check it out for free at


Anonymous said...

This was such a great season finale! Can't wait until next season! It's gonna be a looong summer...

TVFan said...

I'm glad someone else enjoyed it. I keep seeing such negative feedback on it that I was starting to think I was the only person who liked it! That ending scene was so beautiful and filled with such emotion. Great acting and great writing.

Anonymous said...

I liked it too - I think some that didn't will not like anything until B&B are together. But I think they lose out on the anticipation and the romance. I can be patient to see it all play out! I can't wait until September!

John said...

I thought it was a good finale.

My only probelm was basically everyone leaving and or breaking up. That was over the top.

Also next season I assume there will be a one year jump. Does that mean the show will take place in the future from now on, or were we always in the past?

RichE said...

I thought it all worked quite well. The getting silly longing looks were actually put to good use.

@John: It has been said by a producer (or someone else very senior on the show) that the next season will start with them 1 year from now. The exact time the show happens is not really mentioned is it? It's not that important either. Of course we don't know how long the 9 months of a season broadcast is supposed to cover.

It'll be interesting to see what has changed on their return.

Kathryn Morris UK