Thursday, May 18, 2006

BREAKING UPFRONTS NEWS: The CW Sets its First Schedule; Keeps 13 Shows, Adds 3

We've made it through the hectic week known as the Network Upfronts, and we've finally landed on the new CW network. As you know, this network is the product of a merger between CBS Corp. and Warner Bros., with each getting 50% of the pie. This means that UPN and The WB will no longer exist as of this fall. As a result, many shows didn't make the cut. The most notable, of course, is Everwood, which seems to be the only bubble show that got snubbed. The CW picked up 7 shows from The WB (7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Beauty and the Geek, Supernatural, One Tree Hill and in a surprise move Reba) and 6 from UPN (All of Us, Girlfriends, Veronica Mars, WWE Smackdown, America's Next Top Model and Everybody Hates Chris), and it is adding three new shows. Here's a look at the fall schedule (from Mike Ausiello):

8 p.m. -7th Heaven
9 p.m. - Runaway (N)

8 p.m. - Gilmore Girls
9 p.m. - Veronica Mars

8 p.m. - Top Model/Beauty and Geek
9 p.m. - One Tree Hill

8 p.m. - Smallville
9 p.m. - Supernatural

8 p.m. - Wrestling

7 p.m. - Everybody Hates Chris
7:30 - All of Us
8 p.m. - Girlfriends
8:30 - The Game (N)
9 p.m. - America's Next Top Model (encore presentation)

The network will also add a coming of age drama from Kevin Williamson at the midseason point. For more on all of these new shows as well as the renewals, click on over to The Futon Critic. And be sure to tune in later today for The Amazing Race edition and the regular edition with thoughts on the new Top Model and the Idol moment. Plus, all the latest television news. Stay tuned to Pass the Remote all day for breaking upfronts news.

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suekola44 said...

Too bad about Everwood but everything else looks good.

Anonymous said...

I am THRILLED about 7th Heaven returning, but Everwood should have been squeezed in for at least 13 new episodes! I seen there is nothing playing on Friday night at 9:00!