Wednesday, May 17, 2006

FINALE BLOWOUT: 'Scrubs' Leaves us in Stitches!

How awesome was this season of Scrubs??!! It was incredible and it was capped off with two back-to-back hilarious episodes last night. I was laughing so hard at some of the scenes that I had tears running down my face! What more can you ask for from the season finale of TV's funniest comedy (with all do respect to both My Name is Earl and Everybody Hates Chris, which are hilarious in their own rights)? Of course, those tears of laughter soon faded to tears of sadness because the realization set in that this was the last new episode until "some point next season" (read midseason). But, let's not dwell on the sadness because the good news is that the show is, indeed, coming back and that's more than I can say about other beloved shows (Everwood sniff, sniff). Plus, with so many laughs last night, it's hard to not walk around today with a smile on your face. We had Janitor stealing the teaching mannequin so he could use the HOV lane, wedding rings with the power to make women invisible, an awesome bonus in the opening credits that had urologist Kim (Elizabeth Banks) stopping the song and turning the X-Ray around because it was backwards and that always bothered her, yet another Dr. Acula appearance (and this time we caught some of the film!!), a soggy rug after Janitor mopped it, an overly emotional Carla, Greasers complete with the hair, car and lingo, a blackmailed Dr. Kelso, that catchy Mazda tune "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom," Kelso's "oddly youthful legs," more from Ted's a cappella group, JD's porch is now a hang out for old gay men, a "preggie teddy" (lingerie for pregnant woman), JD thinking he could ride bare back on his horseback riding on the beach date without getting injured to the tune of "Love Hurts," Elliot Reid: Moment Killer, an interesting conversation between Dr. Cox and a pencil, JD's scooter rally, a Neal Diamond concert that almost ruined JD's night off and the funniest scene of the night - Carla's baby shower. I was crying people, crying! I had to pause the show to regroup because I was laughing so hard at the baby shower. Everything from Dr. Cox and Jordan's speech about the "joys" of parenting to Elliot's baby games booth to all of the presents from Dr. Cox and Jordan to the morgue guys getting a little too close to the discussion about pregnant sex to Ted's group singing the "Chili's Baby Back Ribs" song because it's the only song they know with the word "baby" in it and absolutely everything in between had me laughing out loud. Best. Baby. Shower. EVER!! And definitely the funniest! All of this baby shower talk takes us to the two surprise pregnancies last night. First, Jordan and Dr. Cox are expecting their second child, which was made funnier when you combined the news with their behavior at the baby shower (see, it's all about the baby shower). Then, we got the shocking news that JD's girlfriend is also pregnant, but is the baby JD's? Tune in next January to find out for sure. Yeah despite my happiness over the show's return, I'm still going to be snarky about the delay until midseason. Anyway, here's a look (for the last time until January) at last night's best, funniest and all around awesome lines in this super-sized edition of the Scrubies...

The Scrubies!!!
(see I told you it was super-sized)

"Perry got uppity with me for and I quote, 'spending $20,000 we don't have on shoes,' so I figured I'd get back at him by treating everyone to drinks tonight." Jordan to Elliot and Carla, but the best part of this line was the look on Elliot's face when Jordan said that she spent $20,000 on shoes

"I don't know. Maybe I was surfing the hospital's web site and I saw that someone posted the Dr. Acula-delivers-the-baby-then-eats-it scene. Someone with the screen name 'Rotinaj.' Rotinaj is just Janitor spelled backwards, Rotinaj!" JD to Janitor after accusing him of stealing his video camera with all his scenes from his "Dr. Acula" screen play
"Morning Dr. Rotinaj." Janitor to a Dr. Rotinaj who walks up

"What? I'm pregnant, I'm crying, I'm laughing. Enough already! It's boring." Jordan to Elliot after shoving an overly emotional and pregnant Carla out of the way

"Apparently that musical he was producing was a front for a Crystal Meth lab. And here's the kicker, he fled to Toronto, so now the freakin' Mounties are involved! Anywho..." Dr. Kelso to all the "name tags" regarding his son

Kelso: "Do you know the difference between me and you, Dorian?"
JD: "Your melon-sized prostate?"

JD: "She thought it would be better if I treated him medically."
Cox: "First of all newbie, no one's ever thought that."

"I'm going to kill somebody." Laverne after Elliot thought that she had been married for 60 years and Dr. Cox thought she had been at the hospital for 40 years

"Newbie, that's not the answer you wanted to hear, but as always, I. Don't. Care." Dr. Cox to JD

"There's two of them doing it on the 'F' key! I could be wrong, but I think they're both girls!" The Todd regarding the ants that took up residence on Carla's keyboard

"Now that's not to say that I haven't enjoyed the last three years of waking up to a fresh brown trout in your Huggies." Dr. Cox to his son Jack after Jack successfully used the toilet and became partially potty trained

"It's veal piccata night at Sbarro's!" JD to Elliot after she ruined his mall foot court date idea

JD (thinking of date ideas for Kim): "What do you think about a romantic horseback ride on the beach?"
Turk: "Like you and I did on your birthday."
JD: "Yeah, but this time two horses."

"I tried turning my hose on them, but they liked it." JD to Turk regarding the old gay men that took over his porch

"Hey Bob-O, you want to weigh in on pregnancy sex?" Dr. Cox
"It's a freak show!" Dr. Kelso

"How do you think they're going to react to an intruder?" Dr. Cox to Turk
"The baby can't grab me down there. (To Carla) The baby can't grab me down there, right?" Turk

"Actually, it's his third mobile. The other two are deeply imbedded in the dry wall. They can be quite frustrating to assemble." Dr. Cox

Well there you have it - the last edition of the Scrubies of the season. But don't worry because when Scrubs returns next season, so too will the Scrubies. If you have a line that you would like to nominate for a Scrubie, be sure to leave me a comment and I'll publish it in a future edition. You can also help Turk and Carla name their baby, click over to for all the details.

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suekola44 said...

As always, I really enjoyed your scrubies. I don't know about this JD's girlfriend being pregnant storyline. I thought it was going to be Elliot with that hunkie intern of hers.

Farrah said...

hey these are so funny, but do you think you could tell me which episodes these quotes are from? especially the one with Laverne: "I"m going to kill somebody" and Todd: "they're doing it on the F key and i think they're both girls"...