Sunday, December 10, 2006

'Case' Has Gone Country

A change of pace can be a huge disaster in the world of procedurals, or it can be a wonderful surprise. Tonight's road trip episode of Cold Case falls firmly in the "wonderful surprise" category. I should disclose that I was psyched about this episode. Not because of the country music (I'm not a huge fan, but there are some songs that I like), but just the simple idea of a more light-hearted hour in a completely different location. It's something that Cold Case never does, but it did very well tonight. I was worried that all of the hype that I was building up for it in my head would simply fall flat, but we had a road trip that lasted most of the episode (about 3/4 of it!), another interesting case that made sense and the best non-case moment to ever happen on Cold Case! In fact, that scene alone was enough to propel this episode to new heights (more on "that scene" later). Two of our favorite Philly cold case detectives packed their bags, interrogation skills, and apparently their friendship pills, and headed down South to solve who killed a budding country artist after his career-making performance in the City of Brotherly Love. This may have been a country tale, but there was plenty of sex, drugs and rock n' roll involved. There was the victim, who was married, but eyeing his pretty main act; the guitarist, who was harboring a pretty serious heroin addiction; and the brother who was just trying to launch a music career, but was lacking the talent. Yup, plenty of feasible suspects to keep the intrigue up all hour. Like the victim in last week's stellar "Forever Blue," Truck died because he wanted to be true to himself. He wasn't willing to trade in his boots and hat for a flashy pop career, even if his drugged up bandmate was willing to do anything to change his mind, including pulling the trigger that took his life. Truck was proud of who he was, and he didn't care if that cost him his shot at a music career. Too bad there aren't more Trucks in the world.

In the middle of all of this case solvin' there was that little scene in the hotel between Scotty and Lilly. It may have been insignificant to the case, but it was crucial to the show and the future of the partners. Now, before all of the Lilly/Scotty (Lotty?? Scilly??) fans get all excited, I'm simply referring to their friendship. For years, we've watched them discuss nothing but their cases. I was beginning to wonder if they even liked each other (again Scilly fans, as friends - when Scilly or Lotty becomes huge, just remember where you heard it first). Sure, they have certainly had their bumps in the road (Scotty sleeping with Lilly's sister comes to mind), but they seemed to be past that, and yet, not friends. Well, that changed tonight after Lilly accidentally caught Scotty red handed as Charlene was leaving his hotel room. There was actual bonding taking place, which included Lilly confessing about her "almost marriage" on the steps of the Knoxville courthouse (for those who are confused, she almost married MCRay when she was 19). I was just so excited to see them talk about something other than work, that I didn't care what it was, so having this friend talk about marriage was just great. I'll shut up now, because... I uploaded the scene for you!! Here you go:

After viewing that scene, I've decided that Veronica Mars is going to have some stiff competition this year for cutest "Cute as a Button" detective on TV. Meanwhile, let the Lilly/Scotty lovefest begin. I'll be in my own little corner rejoicing over the fact that they're finally friends and NOT anything more. Cold Case goes to 10-1 on the season.

As if bringing you the awesomeness that is "that scene" wasn't enough, I also have the answer to the question that you're all going to email me about tomorrow. Truck's "Counting My Lucky Stars" was not a rare Tim McGraw song that you had never heard. Mike Stinson wrote the song for the episode (according to the end credits).

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suekola44 said...

My one complaint is that the writers went a little bit overboard portraying Southerners as a bunch of hicks. Specifically, the Nashville police officers(Big Daddy). I found it to be somewhat exaggerated.

LII2 said...

I absolutely loved the scene Btwn Lilly and Scotty. Lilly seemed happier in herself which was also good. But in that scene there was no shyness or nervousness ,I liked how well they had bonded together.