Thursday, December 07, 2006

One 'Model' Rises to the 'Top'

There was just no way that my favorite contestant would go on to become America's Next Top Model. After all, I had rooted for Danielle (Dani) from pretty early on last cycle, so I never imagined that lightning would strike twice. Thankfully it did, and CariDee is the newest Top Model winner!!! I was so worried when the judges narrowed the final three down to the final two and Melrose was still standing. And then she rocked that crazy runway show, so I was sure that her win was in the bag. Luckily, the judges felt that everything that Melrose knew came from studying and not through natural ability. CariDee was the natural with the bubbly personality and the beautiful pictures to match. Plus, she wasn't a raging beyotch! I'm still not sure why Melrose completely freaked out when CariDee accidentally stepped on and ripped her dress at the fashion show. She acted like CariDee did it on purpose, and she went so far as to say that she wanted to smack her! Hey Melrose, guess what -- crap happens! And when it does, you have to move on like it didn't. Throwing a diva fit isn't going to help anything. I was laughing at the end when she brought the waterworks back. I understand being disappointed that you didn't win, but she actually was pissed because she thought that she was better than CariDee. Melrose, you may have been the oldest girl in the competition, but you certainly weren't the most mature.

For the final time this cycle, let's reveal PTR's Top Photo of the Week!! All three of the girls had to shoot a CoverGirl commercial and print ad. All three did a pretty good job (except for Melrose's print ad), but one stuck out the most. This week's honor goes to..... EUGENA!! She finally pulled it together for the show's final shoot. Here's her winning photo.

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suekola44 said...

I sawv the winner on Regis and Kelly this morning. She seemed very nice.