Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday's News & Notes

**I had this edition all set to go yesterday, and then my Internet went down!!! It didn't come back up until this morning, so I apologize for the lack of Primetime Pass (which was all about the exciting Heroes and The Closer episodes) and news yesterday.**

*I've been telling you about Cold Case star (and PTR fave) Kathryn Morris' upcoming film Resurrecting the Champ since she began filming it this past summer. Well, I finally have an update on the production. The film, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Hartnett, will premiere next month at the all-important Sundance Film Festival in Sundace, Utah. The movie follows the story of a reporter (Hartnett) who believes that he may have discovered a former boxing champ when he stumbles upon a homeless man (Jackson). Morris plays Hartnett's wife. From the official Sundance site:
RESURRECTING THE CHAMP / U.S.A. (Director: Rod Lurie; Screenwriters: Allison Burnett, Michael Bortman, Chris Gerolmo, Rod Lurie)—A down on his luck sports reporter has his life and career upturned when he lands the story of his career: A former heavyweight boxing superstar, previously thought to be dead, is living his final years on the streets. Finally, he can earn the respect of his wife and editor—but the dark secret he finds may be too much for him to bear.
World Premiere.
Look for the film to appear at Sundance January 18th through the 28th. And you can expect plenty of coverage of Champ's big debut right here at PTR. (Photo courtesy Kathryn Morris Online)

*There's good news for fans of CBS' Without a Trace. Warner Bros. will finally release the crime drama's second season on DVD this spring. The first season hit store shelves 2 1/2 years prior in September of 2004. Look for the second season 6-disc set to contain all 24 episodes when it's released March 13th. Now, if we could just get fellow crime drama Cold Case on DVD (click HERE to join that campaign).

*Can't wait to watch Scrubs the musical? Well, click on over to iTunes to get a special sneak peak of the NBC comedy's upcoming musical style episode. Click HERE to download the free video from iTunes, and tune into Scrubs next month to catch the episode in its entirety.

*Fans of CBS' Jericho can get exclusive content on the network's newly launched web site whodroppedthebomb.com. You can get sneak peaks at upcoming episodes, insider commentary, episodes of the webumentary Countdown and much more to tied you over until new episodes return in February.

*And finally, it's TV on DVD Monday Tuesday! Look for the 5th season of 24 to hit store shelves tomorrow along with Roseanne (season 6), The Dukes of Hazzard (season 7) and Survivor: Vanuatu. For a complete list of tomorrow's releases, visit tvshowsondvd.com.

About Last Night...
BIGGEST RATINGS WINNERS: Deal or No Deal, Heroes, CSI: Miami

For more on last night's ratings, visit Zap2it.

~Primetime Pass~
(a look at what PTR is watching tonight)

Gilmore Girls (8 p.m. The CW) - "Merry Fisticuffs." Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) share a sweet moment when Luke introduces her to Liz's new baby. The next day, Lorelai and Christopher get into a fight over whether they should exchange vows at the elaborate wedding party Emily (Kelly Bishop) is throwing for them. Luke contacts a lawyer over his custody troubles with Ana, then runs into Christopher and the two have an ugly confrontation in the streets of Stars Hollow.

Friday Night Lights (8 p.m. NBC) - "Full Hearts." Emotions intensify as the game against the intimidating Gatling High nears. Lyla (Minka Kelly) and Tim (Taylor Kitsch) become alienated from their friends as rumors about their relationship spread all over town. Smash (Gauis Charles) continues to buckle to the pressure and puts his own health at risk in his attempt to improve his performance on the field.. Be sure to click on over to nbc.com to catch the 2-Minute Replay to see what you've been missing.

Juston Timberlake is bringing "SexyBack" with a little help from the Victoria's Secret models. Check out this exclusive photo from tonight's return of The Victoria Secret Fashion Show (10 p.m. CBS) courtesy of CBS:

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