Friday, December 22, 2006

2006's Best TV Moments

It's that time of year again -- time to reflect on the TV season that was. Packed with thrills, chills, laughs, tears, old favorites and new, 2006 was another stellar year of television. Today, as PTR's last post of the year, it seems only right that we revisit all of the wonderful moments of the first part of this television season. The moments are from network television only and they're all from September 2006 to the present. Here are this year's Best Primetime Moments in no particular order...

Supermarket Hostages - (Desperate Housewives) In a dark and comical hour, crazy Carolyn took many members of Wisteria Lane hostage in her husband's grocery store after learning that he cheated on her. When the dust settled, there were two dead and several wounded. Many saw the story as the perfect exit for the annoying Nora character, but the scene was so much more. It set up a promising future story line between Lynette and her new neighbor and it made Edie's troubled nephew bond with Julie. The best moment happened when Carolyn shot and killed Nora because it happened so suddenly and managed to catch us all off guard.

Lilly and Scotty Get Friendly - (Cold Case) After four seasons of working together, detectives Rush and Valens finally shared a friendly moment in the hallway of their hotel in Nashville, TN. Sorry Lilly/Scotty fans, this wasn't anything more than friendship, but it was nice to see the two partners bond Benson/Stabler-style. I'm all for keeping work partners work partners, but it's nice to see two people who have been working together for so long finally act like friends. Lilly even opened up a bit about her closely guarded past. Let's hope that the second half of the season brings us more scenes like this one.

The Great Wall - (The Amazing Race) Proving that TAR really is the best reality show on television, all of the 11 remaining teams of 2 scaled The Great Wall of China in an empowering moment that brought tears to our eyes. Watching everyone from Sarah to single moms Lyn and Karlyn complete the challenge and jump for joy at their amazing accomplishment easily landed in the TAR Hall of Fame. Overcoming fears and realizing that you're stronger than you think are just a couple of this show's Amazing attributes, and both were highlighted in this moment.

Hiro Delivers a Message - (Heroes) In a heart stopping moment, the subway train carrying Peter and Mohinder came to a sudden stop as well as the world around Peter. With everything stuck in frozen animation, Hiro appeared to tell Peter that he had come from the future to deliver an important message. The message, "Save the cheerleader, save the world," became the catch phrase of the fall and the anthem for our favorites TV heroes. And the delivery sent goose bumps up and down our spines. That's good television.

A Quarterback Falls - (Friday Night Lights) In a show made up of "Best of" moments, this one stood out the most. We all held our breath along with the residents of Dillon, TX as star quarterback Jason Street went down during the opening game of the Panthers' season. Little did we know that the team would have to carry on without its star player or that that player would have to carry on without the use of his legs. Talk about your dreams (college, scholarships, the NFL) disappearing in the blink of an eye as you lie helpless in a hospital bed. The ensuing scenes were pure heartbreak and are just a sample of what makes this show so real and so good.

Veronica's Close Call - (Veronica Mars) With the Hearst rapist on the loose and Veronica hot on his trail, things took a dangerous turn when our favorite teen detective almost became the latest victim. We watched powerlessly as she took sips from her soft drink and became increasingly "out of it." Then, she made her way to her car and saw a hooded figure before she fell over unconscious. Luckily Logan arrived just in time, but not before the rapist removed a small lock of Veronica's hair in his trademark style. Logan's heroics made our heroine more aware of the important people in her life and made us all breathe a sigh of relief.

Lilly Doesn't Follow her Heart - (Cold Case) In an emotional hospital room goodbye, Lilly tried to finally put her motorcycle-riding ex behind her. Sure, the two almost married when they were 19 and have been close friends since they were children, but she was sure that their passionate goodbye and her long walk after had finally closed the Ray chapter in her life. So, she went running to the stable man in her life, Joseph, until he walked out and left her alone. So, did Lilly say goodbye to Ray and run to Joseph because she had really closed that book? Or did she choose the safe option while still possibly pining for MCRay? With Lilly, you can never be too sure.

Those are my picks for 2006's best moments. What are yours? Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on this TV season.

That's all for today and 2006! PTR will be on hiatus next week to enjoy the holiday season. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with good times and good people. Thank you so much for your comments, suggestions, corrections and readership. Be sure to tune in on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 for the latest edition of Pass the Remote. This New Year should bring plenty of new TV moments and most important, brand new episodes of all your favorite shows! Pass the Remote will be there for all of them, so be sure to come back on January 2nd! Happy Holidays!

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suekola44 said...

I enjoyed your selections. Happy holidays. Looking forward to more PTR in the new year.

Scooter McGavin said...

Off the top of my head:

Joy playing Red Rover at the old folks home (My Name Is Earl)

Billy's love confession (Survivor)

Some random dead chick with an "I (Heart) Dick" t-shirt (Veronica Mars)

Lemon Law (How I Met Your Mother)

Chandler trying to pick up both of the Calico Girls (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip)

Probie's gay (Rescue Me)

The commercial for Let's Rob Mick Jagger (this is going to be the greatest show of 2007)