Monday, December 11, 2006

Teams Cross the Finish Line

Four words: Worst. TAR Finale. EVER!! I don't know whether it was CBS' decision to shorten the usual 2-hour fare to a single hour or the lack of a final challenge (like last season's flags and Family Edition's map), but something was rotten in The Big Apple. The final Pit Stop was missing, as was the traditional ending in the same city that you started in rule (the teams started in Seattle and ended in New York) and I didn't like it. I didn't like it one bit. I also wasn't too thrilled with who won because I wanted it to be Bama. I'm so convinced that the show got the models on that flight in order to create suspense in New York. It's Rob/Amber Gate all over again, except in that one, the advantage didn't hand them the Race. Of course, Rob/Kim's Achilles heal came back to haunt them when they landed at JFK and hopped into a cab with a cabbie that didn't know where he was going (and apparently, didn't see the advantage to purchasing EZ Pass!! Seriously, I have EZ Pass and I don't live in NYC and I'm not a cabbie. Would it have killed him to have gotten it??!!).

I figured it would all be a moot point once the two teams reached the finish line and found that they needed to complete the final challenge, but the show left that one out this time around. Meanwhile, Bama was left out in the cold, as they weren't able to get on that earlier flight out of Paris. I was bummed when it became apparent that they were out of it. The best part of last night's finale took place at the sky diving location. An over-excited Kim slid into the clue box and almost kept going until she grabbed onto the box to break her slide. It was hilarious! Of course it was made even more funny by the fact that I slow-moed it on my TiVo. Oh, where would I be without my TiVo. Other than this brief moment of sheer comic gold, the finale was pretty much a wash. A complete letdown after a fantastic season. Here's hoping that the upcoming all-star edition is much better than it sounds (JonVito/Jill and Kris/Jon better be included!).

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1 comment:

Jen said...

our stupid tivo didn't record the last half hour. so our show ended just as Phil was about to explain the "fashion" detour.
so annoying!
I am still annoyed the beauty queens were out... and even more annoyed at how pissy everyone was at them. i hate when all the annoying people make it to the end! at least Kim and Rob didn't win.