Tuesday, December 19, 2006

'My Boys' Hits it Out of the Park

Much like its main character, TBS' My Boys is charming, fun, and sure to make you laugh more than once an episode. It's the type of comedy that ABC and Fox would love to add to their schedules. Jordana Spiro stars as PJ, a tomboy sports writer who spends most of her free time hanging with her guy friends. She's a baseball fanatic, so her narration relates everything in life to America's favorite past time. Her guy friends, with the exception of her married and moving-to-the-suburbs brother (Jim Gaffigan), are single and PJ is trying to navigate dividing her time between her new love interest and her best friends. Imagine Sex and the City with a little more testosterone. Sure, the baseball analogies are a bit heavy-handed at times, but they're also a little clever. Spiro is absolutely perfect as PJ, and she'll have you wondering why you never knew her name before this show. The supporting players are strong as well. Newcomer Reid Scott is destined for big things in his future. Kellie Stewart plays PJ's best female friend, and the two make perfect foils for each other with Stewart's character playing the girly-girl to PJ's tomboy. There are many reasons to watch this charming comedy, but perhaps the most persuasive argument is the current TV state. 'Tis the season for reruns, so it's the perfect time to load your bases with all-new episodes of the incredibly smart My Boys Tuesday nights on TBS. If you haven't been watching, click on over to tbs.com to catch up. Batter up!

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suekola44 said...

I think I'll give My Boys a try. Although my watching it will probably be the kiss of death since everything new I try gets canceled!

Erin said...

I recognized a familiar face on the show, and lo & behold - it's the same Kellie Stewart I was in "Hello Dolly" with (I danced in the background, while she stole the show) back in high school. Way to go, girl! With that smile and talent, we all knew you'd go far.


Erin McWilliams, San Francisco