Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The 'Heroes' Have to Slay the Dragon

How fabulous was last night's fall finale of Heroes??!! I'm still marveling in its sheer awesomeness. Bummer about Eden, but she made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep Sylar from stealing her power. Her brain is no good with a bullet through it. And how did Sylar suddenly get that burst of power that allowed him to pull her through the glass?? He's even scarier than I first feared. It seems like Claire's father (HRG) is indeed good. He's obviously tracking these heroes, but I don't think it has any sort of sinister motives behind it. Let's hope not. Claire and Peter got a little more friendly while her friends and family had their memories erased so they would forget Claire's power. In fact, Claire's memory was suppose to be erased as well, but "The Haitian" asked her to keep a secret, meaning that he wasn't going to erase her mind, but she needs to pretend like he did. Just when we thought that Claire was going to be able to talk to her dad about her power, this happens. Meanwhile, Jessica continued her pursuit of DL, so Niki turned herself in because she was afraid that Jessica would hurt Micah.

Hiro met up with Isaac, and we learned that he has been able to paint the future without being under the influence of drugs. What was up with Hiro having to slay the dragon? Is it just a metaphor, and if so, for what exactly? The night's most shocking moments came at the end of the episode. Armed with the knowledge that the big explosion in New York City is caused by a man who blows himself up, Hiro and Isaac wondered how they would be able to stop such an event from happening. Cut to a sick Peter, who falls over and sees "the future." He sees the empty streets of New York, the other heroes and then, he sees himself appear to explode. Can Peter be the reason for the catastrophic event?? We'll have to tune in next year to find out!

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Anonymous said...

Ehh, I wasn't totally sold on last night's episode. I'm bored to tears whenever Nikki comes on screen.

But I'm not entirely sold that Eden's dead. We didn't see a body so I think it's a slight chance that Syler is dead and she and took all his powers and his megameniacal tendisies with him.

But for me, the biggest Heroes news today is that Hiro will be hosting Studio 60 next year.

suekola44 said...

Did it seem to you that Peter might have died in this episode?

TVFan said...

I think we were supposed to be left wondering. But, I don't think that he died. The commercial said that one hero wouldn't make it, and I guess that was Eden (as Scooter pointed out, you can never be too sure).