Sunday, December 03, 2006

The 'Cold' Blue Line

You know how you unpack all of your winter clothes when the seasons turn from warm to freezing? You're always so excited to find that one cream-colored cable knit sweater because it's familiar, warm and looks good with your favorite pair of jeans. What's not to love? Well, Cold Case is my cream-colored cable knit sweater. And even though it was only missing a week, I was just as excited to welcome it back tonight as I was at the beginning of the season. And oh what a glorious season it has been and continues to be with this latest episode. It's well established, but bears repeating, that Cold Case speaks for the disenfranchised better than anyone, but it's especially true whenever this show tackles gay rights/issues. Perhaps it's the advantage of using the past (and its attitudes) as a contrast to the present (which isn't always that different, sadly), or just its rather tender stroke of the pen when writing these stories, but something about this show confronts these issues head on and gives them a delicate, yet raw touch. In 1968 it wasn't as if homosexuality didn't exist, but rather, it was forced deep underground. Back then, today's hate crimes were simply a means to a better society free of all the "queers." A terrible thought, but history nonetheless. Too bad the benefit of time didn't change too many minds of the cops in tonight's case. Imagine being gay in 1968 and a cop and a Vietnam vet and in love with your partner -- and you get the motive behind tonight's brutal murder. It's just too bad that CBS' press release gave all of that away ahead of time. Otherwise, I would have been surprised to learn about Coop's sexual orientation. I liked that this episode was less of a whodunit, and more a human interest story into Coop, his relationship with Jimmy ("The lucky ones"), and how being himself got him killed by his morally bankrupt lieutenant. Also liked the subtle looks that Lilly lent to Stillman. You could tell that she was surprised to hear that things were the way they were back then, and yet, she knew Stillman wasn't a part of it.

I keep telling you guys that Kat is growing on me. I even "confessed" that I liked her at the end of the last season. BUT, she is no longer growing on me because I've decided that she's awesome! How great was her comeback to Detective Sexist???

"Are you a lesbian?"
"Are you a jackass??"

I actually started clapping when she zinged that one back to him. Talk about putting someone firmly in his place! There was a lot of that going on tonight, and I loved it. First Kat, then Vera's neighbor telling him off (and let's face it, he deserved it!), and finally Lilly giving it to Lieutenant Sexist/Homophobe/Racist during her interrogation. Don't mess with Texas or Lilly Rush! In all seriousness, one of Kathryn Morris' greatest strengths is her ability to play such a tough, yet broken character without causing any of us to bat an eye. She certainly isn't someone that you'd assume would be so tough, and yet she makes it 100% believable. It's all in the subtleties. Unfortunately, those subtleties are probably what keeps her from getting the recognition that she deserves. Take the sort of sadness that came over Lilly tonight as she spoke with Jimmy about him being one of the lucky ones because they had something that "comes along once in a lifetime." We all know that Lil has been there, done that (over and over again for that matter, particularly when it comes to MCRay), so just the subtle emptiness across her face was enough to tie it all together. Overall, this was a well-rounded episode -- excellent case, funny lines, great interrogations, good teamwork and a resolution that made sense. My only complaint about the episode is that it got that frakkin' Amy Grant song stuck in my head. Damn those "lucky ones!" Regardless, that makes Cold Case 9-1 this season by my count (the last episode was the only stinker so far).

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Anonymous said...

my jerk boss keeps scheduling me to work sunday nights so now i'm missing coldcase every week. do you know if there are any reruns playing another night or time??

TVFan said...

CBS sometimes runs CC episodes on Saturday nights. I would keep a look out at the CBS site ( to see if they air any reruns from week to week.