Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mid Season Report Cards Pt. 2

Yesterday, PTR took a look at some of our favorites and how they're faring this season. Some are having the season of their lives while others are struggling just to pass. So, TruBlu, Turtlemama and I found it only necessary to sort it all out and let you know where some of your faves land in the bell curve. Here's the second part of this year's Midseason Report Card.

Veronica Mars - (The CW) It used to be that the mix of the characters and the stories made this show so special, but lately, it has been the characters alone. Blame network intervention or a creative staff running out of juice, but something about this show has kept it from returning to the perfection that was its first season. Luckily, an off episode for this show is still leaps and bounds above most shows, so it's still one of the best shows on TV. The new format this season seemed to be going along just fine, until the first mystery just ended (well, but abruptly). The pacing started out like seasons past, but then hurried to build the conclusion to the Hearst rapist story line. Last season was too slow, and the mystery was lost in the shuffle of midseason, but this first mystery's pacing wasn't the answer. Perhaps, things will get better with the second arc as Rob Thomas and co. get used to the new format. Room For Improvement... A more balanced pace instead of the first arc's slow then super fast "Wrap it all up in an hour even though it doesn't feel like the story is at that point yet" approach. There needs to be an equal amount of development over the course of the 7-9 episode arc. GRADE: A-

Gilmore Girls - (The CW) This has always been one of my most favorite shows. Lately, however, Tuesdays are becoming “Oh yeah, Gilmore Girls day." We’ve seen everyone fly through this first half of the seventh season. Lorelei broke up with Luke and ran off and married Christopher in the span of what seemed like a week or two. Then we were force-fed conflict between Rory and Logan, and Christopher and Lorelei. Luke and Christopher became mortal enemies, which doesn’t make much sense. Lorelei told Luke that she spent the night with Christopher and Luke left; his decision. So, why be upset with Christopher? It seems that this season’s theme is "Forced conflict and speedy storylines." Room For Improvement... Slow it down. Gilmore fans are patient people, we’ve spent seven years with the Girls, so we’ll wait on a good story line to play itself out. Stop forcing conflict; again we’ll wait with a good story line. The relationships that have formed on this show need to be nurtured with care. Bring back our beloved Stars Hollow citizens; Miss Patty, Lane, Mrs. Kim, Sookie and Jackson. We want them all back! We want to see Lorelei interact with her fellow Stars Hollowians! GRADE: B

Law & Order: SVU - (NBC) So far this season SVU has shown some promising differences from last seasons' disappointing offerings. Mariska Hargitay's tired Olivia Benson was sent away for six episodes and the refreshing Dani Beck (played by Connie Nielsen) was brought in to fill the void. Getting either Olivia or Elliot out of the picture was essential this season in order for the series to get out of its "All Elliot and Olivia, All the time" rut. Now that Olivia is back, the crew will need to tread a fine line to keep the show from falling back into the same boring pattern. Room for Improvement.. The balance between personal and professional plotlines is not quite where it should be. SVU is certainly the most personal of the three Law & Order shows, but the main focus should still be the case. More cases like last season's "Raw" and "Gone" are just what the show needs right now. And of course, the balance between Olivia and Elliot, and Munch and Fin needs to tip more in the Munch/Fin direction. GRADE: B+

Friday Night Lights - (NBC) Who would have thought that a little show about high school football would turn out to be one of the most moving, best written hours to ever grace our television sets? This show caught me off guard, and I still can't believe how perfect it is every week. It's definitely TV's most consistent hour with real stories about human emotion and characters that will have you rooting for them while you're hoping they pay the consequences for their poor decisions (and don't worry, because on this show, they always do). Easily one of the 10 best shows on television week after week. Its only fault is the fact that it can't seem to draw in more viewers. Thankfully, NBC believes in it as much as I do because they gave it a full season order. Room For Improvement... File this one under "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." After all, how can you top perfection? GRADE: A+

Lost - (ABC) This season's biggest disappointment. It's slower, boring and we never learn anything more. I've been patient with this show from the beginning because it always played onscreen like a work of literature, but now, it's coming across like a novel with no clear plan or ending in sight. The truest test of all - it has been off the schedule for a few weeks and I don't miss it. I don't miss the frustration! Perhaps this is where the true fans and the casual viewers part ways and Lost finally becomes the genre show with the small, devoted audience that the critics always predicted it would become. I'm not sure which side I'll be standing on if it is. Room For Improvement... More answers, fewer questions and A LOT more action. If I never see the captive scenes again, it will be too soon. WTH happened to all of the other characters that we love (Charlie, Claire, and everyone else I can't even remember)?? GRADE: C-

I was going to write one for CSI, but I really have nothing to say other than that it has been an uneventful, boring season. This show used to be great, but has faded to the land of mediocrity in the face of strong competition from Grey's Anatomy.

So, there you have part 2 of PTR's Midseason Report Cards. Do you agree or disagree? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I so agree with you on VM, GG, and especially Lost. I too am on the fence about which way I will go when Lost returns.

suekola44 said...

Anonymous is suekola44. I forgot to type in my username!