Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kids Say the Darnest Things on 'Mars'

Confession time: I wasn't the biggest fan of Veronica Mars' first set of episodes and I was beginning to worry that the show had lost its special something. Of course I would never abandon it, but I was a bit, well, disappointed. But, all of that has changed now that the second part of the season has begun. This span of episodes has been some of the best in the show's history, and last night's outing was the cap on this excellent run. Logan's story line with the little girl and his depression over Veronica was well done, and it's one of my favorite stories on any show this season. I knew that it had to be leading somewhere when Dick's "Hot Chick" showed up with her "twin" 11-year old sister (LOVED, BTW, that Dick totally pulled a Britney in Vegas!!). She and Logan were exactly what the doctor ordered for each other. The little girl, after watching her father walk out on her family, needed a father figure. She needed to have her innocence about love restored after her father broke her heart. Logan needed someone to give him a kick in the butt (in the form of Nick Lachey's "What's Left of Me") and make him realize that he isn't the only one suffering. It was a clever way of furthering the Logan/Veronica story line while only giving them one awkward and tragically hilarious scene together. Jason Dohring was amazing last night -- even more intense and sad than usual. And how unbelievable was Kristen Bell in that scene where she told her father that he's not allowed to die on her?! She went from holding it back to letting a flood of emotions come out in a matter of seconds! Brilliant!

I kinda liked the way Veronica didn't solve the case during the hour. The coach's death is complicated, so extending it over a couple of episodes will allow the story to unfold more naturally. And, it seems that Veronica is once again in trouble with Sheriff Lamb (not that it takes much since he looks for reasons to arrest her). Meanwhile, things aren't looking too good for Dean O'Dell's widow either. Where was she while her boyfriend was watching Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang? We can assume that the arguing was Dean O'Dell and the professor since we saw O'Dell confront his wife and her boyfriend at the Neptune Grand during the first mystery's finale. The question is, why is she failing to reveal that incident?? Even if she didn't kill her husband (and I don't think that she did), something is fishy. At the very least, her car was outside the Dean's office around the time of his murder and I have a feeling that she was the one behind the wheel (which would explain why she missed the movie). Yes, things are beginning to heat up on Mars, and it isn't just from the torch that Logan's still carrying.

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GMMR said...

LOVED this episode and it made me stronger in my conviction that I'd like Jason Dohring to be the father of my children. can I reach you via email. Is it on your site?

Scooter McGavin said...

Since the murder wasn't resoved, I'm thinking that it may be tied into the Dean's death, which would make the booster the prime suspect.

I'm guessing Mrs. O'Dell is lieing because she doesn't want anyone to know Cyrus was there that night because it would make her & Landry the prime suspects.

I'm really hoping there turns out to be a kink in Dick's divorse so that storyline goes on, leaving Dick to hire the one lawyer that Logan said he knew, which I assume is Cliff.

GMMR said...

oh Scooter, you think you know everything!! LOL

TVFan said...

Good theory with the connect Scooter. You could be onto something.

GMMR - you can reach at: