Friday, February 09, 2007

Roadtrip, 'Scrubs' Style

When I say that Scrubs never ceases to surprise me, I'm usually referring to its witty dialog or emotion-filled core. Last night, however, it was the show's shocking ending that did the trick. Like JD, I believed Kim when she told him that she had miscarried, so learning that she hadn't seemed cruel. OK, so maybe she doesn't want to be tied down to JD anymore, but her lie is much worse than her lack of serious feelings for him. I hope that JD learns the truth. And then there was Jordan and Perry's baby scare. Of course, there was plenty of witty banter and funny moments to offset the more emotional storylines last night. Everything from the return of JD's half acre and things being "Dorian" to a roadtrip in Dr. Kelso's RV, Janitor's big exit from the RV, hilarious damage from the tunnel collision, Dr. Cox finally having a girl (other than JD), and Mike Ausiello's (from TV Guide) guest spot (as Kim's ob/gyn at the end) kept me laughing out loud. You know what else kept me laughing? The hilarious lines, so here's a look at last night's best, funniest and all around awesome lines in this week's edition of the Scrubies.

The Scrubies
"Ted, I'm not retiring for at least 3 years. If she's still alive, I'll deal with it then." Dr. Kelso regarding his wife traveling around in the RV with him when he retires

"You have been wrong about so many things that I'm not even going to say something's wrong anymore. Instead, I'm going to say it's 'Dorian.'" Dr. Cox to JD

"I can't wait to find out the sex of that unborn tax break." Dr. Cox regarding his unborn child

"I knew that little tan baby would eventually ruin everything!" JD's narration after learning that Turk wasn't going on the roadtrip because he was getting to know his daughter

"Jordan, the boy already lip-syncs into your tampons. Must we put the final nail in his tiny gay coffin?" Dr. Cox regarding his son

"Why would they build a tunnel that an RV couldn't fit into?" JD right before crashing Dr. Kelso's RV into the tunnel

"Unless it was a girl. Then, you could just throw like yourself." Kim to JD regarding their baby

That's this week's edition of the Scrubies. If you have a line that you would like to nominate for a Scrubie, drop me a comment and I'll publish it in a future edition. As always, if you would like to discuss last night's Scrubs episode, leave me a comment with your thoughts. If you missed last night's hilarious outing, check it out on iTunes.

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suekola44 said...

How gorgeous is Carla's and Turk's baby!?! What a beauty!!! As usual, Scrubs was awesome Thurs. night. Enjoyed your Scrubies.