Thursday, February 01, 2007

Suspense Builds for 'Friday Night'

So, I'm pretty sure that Lyla Garity reads this blog. Why else would she quote me word for word about her premature engagement to Jason?? Clearly, I said it here first and then she had to go and copy me last night on Friday Night Lights! All kidding aside, I'm very glad that she came to her senses about her future with Jason. Maybe they will ultimately end up married with a big house, dogs and kids as Jason mused, but neither of them is ready for any of that yet. Lyla was banging Jason's best friend not two months ago for pete's sake! And I know that Buddy Garity is a bit too much to take, but I still can't fault him for looking out for his daughter's best interest. Right now, Jason's future consists of a beautiful pipe dream and a sport that seems to resemble wheelchair basketball. In other words, he's just a kid and he should allow himself the time to grow and mature before he settles down with Lyla (or anyone else). Hopefully, Coach Taylor's "biggest commitment of your life" speech got through to him. Speaking of Coach Taylor, I haven't been too pleased with him these past few weeks. I know that he has been under a lot of stress with playoffs looming and Smash's steroids revelation, but he seemed to morph from the gentle, kind perfect man to a much meaner, jaded football coach. I didn't like it one bit. After last night's neighborhood football game with Smash, I think that he may be headed toward being his old, kind self. Fingers crossed!

I knew that Matt and Julie would break up, so it was only a matter of when and over what. Julie is weird about a lot of things, and she seems to blow stuff out of proportion. She was patient about Matt's football commitments, but you could tell that she was growing more and more POed about it. I think she knows that Matt didn't do anything with the Rally Girls, but it made for a convenient exit for her. Personally, I feel a little relieved because I felt like Matt had to walk on eggshells around her. Speaking of walking on eggshells, I felt bad for Tim when he realized that all of the crap his brother told him about his dad was true. It can't be easy to have a parent who always disappoints you, which is why I was encouraged by his father's attendance at the playoff game at the end. Maybe he's finally ready to be the father he always should have been. Next week, we get the excitement of the big game and it appears that things are about to get very interesting off the field as well.

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