Wednesday, February 07, 2007

When it Rains, it Pours on 'Mars'

I knew Veronica's "I'm pregnant" scene from the promo was just a red herring to get everyone talking and tuning in for last night's episode. I never believe promos because I have been misled by far too many in the past. On the plus side, if the little "I'm pregnant" bit got more people to tune in last night, then I'm all for deceptive advertising! And for the record, I'm so glad that they didn't write a Veronica pregnancy drama into the show (not that I thought they would -- I have faith in the fine folks at Veronica Mars). Anyway, Logan has gone and done it again by messing things up with Veronica. OK, so they were on a break, but it doesn't excuse his impulse to jump Madison Sinclair of all people! He knows how much Veronica hates her (and for good reason). I loved the way that Dick was a little hurt by it as well even though he played it off to Veronica. Perhaps Veronica overreacted a bit when she said that this indiscretion with Madison is something that she doesn't think she will be able to forgive, but the point is, Logan screwed up and he needs to realize it and why. I do think that she'll be able to get past it some day, just not one anytime soon. Bring on Piz.

Veronica didn't have a lot of time to sit and commiserate over her heartbreak because she was busy trying to figure out who slipped the abortion pill RU486 into a coed's drink. Remember the days when all you had to worry about were date rape drugs? Well, now you have to worry about the unhappy father-to-be slipping you abortion pills so he can shrug off the responsibilities that impending parenthood brings! But wait -- the two possible daddies are in the clear because it turns out that Bonnie's roommate slipped her the pill. She was worried about her best friend because she didn't want her to be tied down to someone for the rest of her life. Too bad she forgot to consult the mommy-to-be. Now this, Veronica, is something that you can never forgive. Can you imagine how violated and upset you would be even if you weren't sure that you were ready to have a child?!! Someone else made that decision for Bonnie. The good news is, the entire experience taught Veronica that anger does nothing to help you heal, and thus, Madison's new Benz was saved from the cubing machine.

If you missed last night's excellent hour ("There's Got to be a Morning After Pill"), watch it for free at or download it for $1.99 from iTunes. All of the pictures in this edition are courtesy of

U.S. Vets, the largest non-profit in the country serving homeless veterans, is giving you the opportunity to win a walk-on role in a scene with series star Kristen Bell. From the press release:
Veronica Mars has provided a non-speaking, walk-on role opportunity in support of U.S. VETS. This role will be on one of the final episodes of Season 3 of Veronica Mars, filmed in San Diego, CA. The role is guaranteed to have direct interaction with Veronica, and you will get to meet the cast and crew. This opportunity will be available for as many tickets ($25/each) as you want to purchase. Cut off date is February 16, 2007.

An airline round-trip ticket will be provided from any city in the continental U.S. that is served by Southwest Airlines. The winner will be picked up at the airport in San Diego and taken directly to the set.

The date of the taping will take place sometime in February or March and will be chosen by the winner and the producers.

The entry form is available on the U.S.VETS website, The winner will be notified the week of February 19th, and an announcement will be posted on the U.S. VETS website.

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