Saturday, February 10, 2007

'Lost' on the Other Island Again

The much-anticipated return of Lost finally happened this week. Let's just hope that ABC finds a better plan for next season because this one did not work! Anyway, here's what Turtlemama and I have to say:

Turtlemama says: Well, the island is a research facility...who didn't see that coming? I called it in the second half of season one, just for the record!
We saw Kate and Sawyer escape back to their island with the banished boyfriend (what was his name? I'm sure he'll be a new cast member on the original island in the coming episodes). Getting Julia's background was a HUGE eye-opener! Since Ben promised she could leave the island, guess who will take her place? Yep, Jack...just watch, I'm calling it first! So, does all of this mean that we'll soon learn everything about the island that we've wondered about since the first episode? Or, will the writers leave us hanging and not tie up some loose ends once the series is finalized? With as many mysteries as 'Lost' brings us, I'm going to assume that the writers can't even remember all of them! I'm very interested in what is going on back at the original island. How is the morale over there? We never really hear about the rest of the 40+
survivors, just the main how is going over there, guys? I want to know! Inquiring minds and all....

Next week we see that Kate wants to rescue Jack, will this lead to a rescue or to the two 'tribes' combining (ala 'Survivor' anyone?) and continuing the research? And what kind of research are they doing, anyway...for what purpose? And dude, could the head guy who recruited Julia wear any more eyeliner? That was kind of creepy. I guess that we'll just continue to watch, we've invested enough time now that I can't just give up on the Oceanic flight survivors, can you?

TVFan says: Lost comes back and we're once again back on the other island with The Others! I was so disappointed that we didn't get to see any of our favorite castaways back on the original island. I think this is why this episode dragged for me. BUT, there were some good reveals in this one. From Julia's flashback, I think we can assume that The Others are a group of researchers recruited for their expertise in different fields. For Julia, it's her pregnancy research that led to her impregnating a male mouse and her sterile, sick sister. The question is, is Ben the CEO of this company and is it all related to Dharma? And speaking of Ben, it seems that he and Rousseau had a thing because they have a daughter together: Alex. We can conclude that Rousseau was originally a part of The Others before they became "The Others." Finally, the island (or group of islands) could be located off the coast of Portland somewhere (as odd as that may seem). When the recruiter (and Ethan!!) asked Julia in the morgue to come work for him, she mentioned something about moving all the way to Portland, and he said that it wasn't exactly Portland. This location also jives with the survivors' flight, which was headed for LA. Perhaps, though, one of the most important reveals (at least in the eyes of the survivors) was learning that there is a way home (or at least the promise of one because I don't believe that Ben will live up to his end of the bargain he made with Julia). Let's hope that the answers keep coming this second half of the season. Lastly, am I the only one who was totally creeped out by the image of Ben talking while lying on the table with his back open and spine exposed?? That's one that'll stay with me for a while!

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Scooter McGavin said...

I'm not sold on Not-Henry being the biological father of Alex because Rousseau didn't seem to reconize him when she caught him in her net. I think he's the father in just that he raised her.

suekola44 said...

You and Turtlemama keep referring to Juliet as Julia. What's with that? Also, I see your point about the island being near Portland. The only thing wrong with that is the island is too tropical to be near Portland.I would also like to know how Juliet is supposed to go home. I find that question interesting. The frustration has returned with Lost!

TVFan said...

A lot of the characters refer to her as "Julia" instead of Juliet.

As far as Portland goes, I don't think it's right off the coast, but somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean -- maybe by Hawaii. Not sure (as usual).