Thursday, October 02, 2008

'Bones' in the Elevator

Last week it was body parts in purple muck and this week it's body parts in an elevator shaft! Do you ever wonder if the crazy folks behind Bones will run out of creative ways to kill someone? Let's hope not.

There were several elements in this category this week and most of them centered around a chair -- Booth and his quest for that ancient chair, Bones securing the chair for him, Sweets instinctively knowing the real reason why Booth wanted the chair and calling him on it, Cam's letter of recommendation regarding Booth and the chair, the final scene when a very happy Booth finally got his chair and then realized that it was horribly uncomfortable, Hodgins and Angela acknowledging the GIGANTIC elephant in the room and then (hopefully) moving past it (because only then will they see the error of their ways), and a Zach replacement who kinda sorta reminded me of Zach (if Zach had a huge inferiority complex and a disturbingly depressing vibe). And let's not forget that awesome scene where Booth tried to open the elevator shaft by himself and couldn't and the scene where he referenced Blue Hawaians and their ability to cause you to wake up naked in front of a bunch of strangers. The looks that Bones was shooting him were classic!

Donnie Downer -- this week's intern du jour. Could that guy bring down a room or what? He made death seem cheery. It's too bad, though, because as I stated above, he had some Zach qualities to him (his ability to see things that the others couldn't, his vast knowledge, and his willingness to look outside the box).

Hands down (or is that foot down?), that appetite squashing display of human remains smeared up and down the elevator shaft of that office building. Thank god I ate my dinner early!

If you missed last night's episode ("The Crank in the Shaft"), check it out for free at

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RichE said...

I'm real glad they didn't try and show a recreation of what happened in the elevator shaft. The more the camera panned up the shaft the more I thought that must have been quite a difficult bit of set dressing.

I quite liked substisquint Colin Fisher. I'm not sure they could have sustained the character for much longer though. It gave Cam a few fun lines as well.