Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Minister in the Middle

Leave it to Booth and Bones to turn a case about a murdered transgender minister into a discussion on whether or not Booth would be prettier than Bones if he were a woman! For the record, he says he would.

Not as much goodness this week as in previous weeks, but there were still a few things to keep me happy. I liked the way the son accepted his father for who he was even after he learned about the transgender operation. I also liked the way the son took over his father's church. It was sweet, but it also contrasted the mother's less-than-accepting reaction to the news that her husband had decided to become a woman. The scene in the car between Booth and Bones about him being a woman had me laughing (even though we had seen a lot of it over the summer during those hilarious promos). And even though he was a little on the random side, I enjoyed this week's Squint Du Jour. Of course, this means that he hit the road before the closing credits rolled.

Hold onto your hats, folks, because this one is going to be a shocker! A PTR First if you will -- I'm putting the Booth/Bones/Sweets scene in the "Bad" category this week! Told ya it was shocking! You guys know that I'd give my right arm for more interaction between these three (not really, but you get the point), and I did find their opening scene to be mildly funny (and VERY quiet), BUT the whole point of these scenes is to bring lots of humor. And that humor comes from the dialog between the three and this scene had nada! Zilch! Ergo, it was a sorta pointless scene and a waste of a Booth/Brennan/Sweets moment.

I've had to learn the hard way to eat before watching Bones because if I didn't, I could have a best-selling book called The Bones Diet: How to Watch TV and Still Lose Weight (Like, A Lot of Weight). Seriously, this show does nasty, stomach-turning remains like no other. Patricia's truncated body was no exception.

If you missed last night's episode ("The He in the She"), check it out for free at


LillyKat said...

I am really continuing to enjoy this show. I didn't get to comment on last week's squish-o-rama ep (good stuff!), but I thought last night's was good. One of the things I am really enjoying is the pacing of dialogue - how the gang manages to finish each other's sentences and/or has that perfect anticipation of sarcastic/comedic timing with the lines. So good! The grad assistant this week - FUNNY!

Since I am a newbie, I do have a question: Why are Booth and Bones in the therapy sessions with Sweets? Is that as a result of the serial killer stuff that went down with Bones' assistant?

Favorite character for me is Angela. Love. Her.

John said...

It is not related to Zack being a serial killer's assistant. They had been seeing Sweets already when that come out.

Booth had to see a shrink after he shot a clown puppet (some sort of clown image) just because the clown music annoyed him. He was under stress (PTSD, maybe) from an in the line of duty shooting.

He saw a different psychologist than Sweets (who was good) and then they wrote him out and Sweets in.

Somewhere along the line the question arose whether Bones and Booth were a good team and they were forced to get a psych okay to continue to work as a team. (I forget the details). Sweets has cleared them, but they have agreed to continue to see Sweets.

RichE said...

Stephen Fry was the previous shrink, there was no way they'd keep him for long he does so many other things. Booth shot a clown figure on the front of an ice-cream van because of the music being played annoying him. I forget the exact reason but he was clearly stressed about something.

The main reason for the pair seeing Sweets was because of it being Booth's job to catch Temperance's father. It put their relationship under the spotlight and the powers that be wanted to make sure they were OK. Could Bones really work with the man that did that?

TVFan is right that the slow, quiet, intro was a little odd. I can't remember if they need to see Sweets or not. If they don't, then why just sit there in silence? Maybe if they don't he will dissolve the partnership and neither of them wants that. Plus Sweets enjoys being part of the team.

I wasn't too keen on this week's substisquint. Cam's "we'll just find another student" line pretty much covers the show's attitude to them.


TVFan said...

I believe they still see Sweets because he is helping the team with his psychological input in return for Booth and Bones allowing him to study their relationship for his work. They made this little arrangement at the end of last season when Bones had to testify in her father's trial.