Monday, October 20, 2008

Lilly Skates Through the 'Case'

I don't know about all of you, but I'm lovin' Fun Lilly. She's so much better than stick- in- the- mud- Debbie- Downer Lilly of seasons past. I am actually seeing shades of season one, and that most certainly, is a good thing. Last week, she was handing out strikes with her new beau at the bowling alley and this week, she was racing her colleague around the roller rink. Perhaps, the most encouraging element of Fun Lilly is her lack of an emotional breakdown over aforementioned beau's sudden work-related departure. Of course, she gets it (it's work), but she doesn't seem to have skipped a beat in his absence and that, ladies and gentlemen, is some sure-fire improvement. As you can imagine, I just LOVED that final scene with she and Jeffries racing around that rink for bragging rights! And it wasn't just Lilly who was having a little fun this week. Kat went on a blind date. It went so well she had too much wine, freaked out and pulled a disappearing act before calling Scotty to come get her. Someone needs to teach this woman how to go on a date! Luckily, the guy seems to be very understanding (or just smitten) because the two of them were seen together during the closing scenes.

We had a sorta fun/serious case this week as Lil and co. reopened the 1978 murder of a 15-year old disco skater. Fun because we were completely transplanted into the roller rinks of '78 and serious because Missy was yet another very sympathetic victim. Plus, her death was tragic and senseless and for all intents and purposes, accidental. It kinda broke my heart to see present-day Julie still fighting the demons of that night and blaming herself for what happened to Missy. Julie wasn't exactly the world's best decision maker, but then again, she was only 15 and longing for a father-figure. To me, she was just as tragic in life as Missy was in death. And then there was that creepy Joe Bosquay and the pervy DJ who drugged and then took advantage of Julie! Just no to both. Good case, though -- kept me guessing and the time period and subject matter had me jammin'. Add in some personal growth, fun stuff and the ending scene with Lil and Jeffries and CC comes out a winner once again to move to 4-0 on the season.

Screencaps courtesy RichE at Look Again.

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Fun Lilly is a joy to behold.