Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Heroes' Pulls the Strings

I took the week off from writing about Heroes last week because I needed to re-access my commitment to the show. I still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to continue to write about it every week, but I thought that this week's episode was strong enough to warrant a write-up because I actually have some positive things to say about it. First, as usual, the Claire story line is the best, most engaging, and interesting of all of the heroes' stories. And last night's Puppet Master nail-biter exemplified why she seems to get the best material. Obviously, the best outcome to that intense game of Russian Roulette was for one of them to shoot Claire (while being under the Puppet Master's control) because she can't die. So, it was bang, bang, bang, bang and Claire's not dead, but surprising the Puppet Master with a bop over the head and a quick call to HRG. Now that she has orchestrated her first villain round-up, HRG is thinking that he may want to take this show on the road because he could use Claire's help in capturing the others on the loose.

The other interesting story is the Speedster and her struggle with good and evil as she rounds up the villains for her boss. She doesn't want to do Pinehearst's bidding, but she has no choice for some reason. I'm curious to find out about that reason. And speaking of Pinehearst, the symbol for the company is clearly that weird "f" insignia that we've been seeing since season one except it has been turned on its side and paired up with a mirror image of itself. Could this represent the two halves of the formula that give the heroes their powers? Only Mr. Petrelli knows for sure.

I'm still hating the Mohinder story and the Peter one isn't much better. I like Hiro and his sabbatical to Africa and I'm curious to see where things lead now that he has found "the pre-cog." But, my interest in this show is hanging by a very delicate thread. I will continue to watch for now, but I can't say how much longer I'll continue to dedicate space here at PTR to it.

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