Friday, October 31, 2008

Notso Easy Street

In football, coming off of a big win can lead to a HUGE letdown the following week. Knowing this, I was a little cautious going into this week's episode of Friday Night Lights after last week's outstanding- get- up- and- cheer outing. But, this week's hour, which included the return of Jason Street, did not disappoint. It wasn't a HUGE win like last week, but it was a solid win all the same. I wasn't sure how the Street story line was going to go because I felt like the show sorta drop the ball on Street toward the end of last season (of course, it was shortened by the writer's strike, so that could have something to do with it). I'm glad they fastforwarded to after the birth of the baby and focused on the struggles of young parents instead of a pregnancy. Jason is carrying a huge weight on his shoulders and he doesn't have a football scholarship, college degree, NFL contract or even a well-paying job to help lift some of that weight. He needs to earn more money so he can help his family, but times are tight and he just isn't catching any breaks. So, he decides to go in on a real estate investment -- buy Buddy Garrity's house with a few others, fix it up, and flip it for a nice profit. Sure, it's risky, but it could pay off well for Jason giving him the capital he needs to support his family. There's only one problem: the mother of his child has decided to take Noah and move back east to be with her family. Talk about a heart break! Let's hope Jason is able to change her mind.

Elsewhere, Julie was facing off with her parents about her new tattoo, which led to a really nice mom/daughter heart-to-heart on the side of the road. Sometimes, a tattoo is just a tattoo and not a gateway to bad behavior or a one-way ticket on the Bad Path Express. And while I understand Tami's concerns about Tyra and her influence on her daughter, I'm not so sure that Tyra is as bad as she used to be (back when Tami had more reason to be concerned). She seems to have matured a bit over the course of this series, even if she's ditching school for a rodeo cowboy. I get it, though, she has some pretty strong feelings for this guy and that has her questioning her priorities. In the end, I think she'll figure it all out (if a surprise visit next week doesn't do it for her).

Friday Night Lights is airing new, commercial-free episodes Wednesday nights on DirecTV's 101. The third season will be seen in its entirety early next year on NBC.

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