Monday, October 13, 2008

And ...? So ...? on 'Dexter'

'Dexter' is back for Season 3By LillyKat
PTR Senior Staff Writer

It's not often I don't have much to say about one of our PTR Faves. So it kinda bugs me that I feel I'm at a loss for words this week as it pertains to Dexter.

As in, I was ... bored.

Perhaps my Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles hangover has adversely affected the rest of my television viewing?


All I can think about Dex this week is "And ...? So ...?"

I feel as if the Dex folks are taking great pains to set us all up for the other shoe to drop. As such, it's starting to play somewhat predictable.

For the past two seasons, we've had that sense of uncomfortable urgency, need - to - stay - one - step - ahead thing from the get-go. Whether it was the genius tit - for - tat with the Icetruck Killer, or the Lila Experiment with a Side of Sergeant Doakes Obsession, things remained unpredictable for Dexter Morgan.

Now, he seems like he should be picking up Cody from day care, or running home to cook dinner for Rita.

What happened to his edge?

This whole Miguel - buddy - buddy - routine is really just too much cream on the tacos right now. That is, things are way too hunky dory to be believed. I'm not averse to giving Dex a best friend, but it took nearly the entire first season to reveal Dex's bro' connection. Last season, Agent Lundy always kept things calmly curious, Lila got under everyone's skin, and Doakes never ceased to remind us Dex is not normal. Plus there was the Harry Code hanging over everything.

This season, all that is gone, and I find myself twiddling my thumbs with the Deb IA conundrum and Dex's will I/won't I be a good father thing. I get he's trying to sort it out, but I'm not feeling he's under any pressure to do so - and he's far more interesting of a character when he's under pressure, trying to fit in, not sure where he stands. With everything so good for him in life, the edge isn't what it used to be. And outside his suspicions of Miguel and feeling kinda weird about his new BFF ... well, he seems kinda vanilla all of a sudden.

And I'm not sure that's what I like.

Where is Sergeant Doakes when you need him.

New episodes of Dexter air Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime. Check out the official Dexter Web site for the inside scoop on the series.


suekola44 said...

I definitely felt this week's episode was lacking the "Oh my God factor!". Much less excitement than Dexter usually gives us. But I'm optimistic things will pick up. I have lots of faith in this show. I guess time will tell.

TVFan said...

I think this show tends to turn it on about mid-way through the season. I think these first few eps are just serving as set up right now. Time will tell. :-)