Monday, October 13, 2008

Mississippi Burning

Part of the fun of Cold Case is watching the masters take us from present day to 1964 with the greatest of ease. I'm always fascinated to see the stark contrasts and similarities between the past and present. This week, the show took us on a crash course through the Civil Rights Movement via a roadtrip to Mississippi and a history lesson on Freedom Schools seen through the eyes of four women from Philadelphia. Because of the unrest in the South, the women were using a Tupperware cover story and staying with separate hosts while they carried out their work at these Freedom Schools. It was a compelling case that once again showed this show's tremendous strengths when it comes to covering some of history's darkest moments. And, it serves as a sobering reminder not to repeat those moments. Miriam traveled to Mississippi to make a difference because she couldn't sit idly by as she watched the atrocious events unfold on the nightly news. She understood the risk involved and she went anyway. She paid with her life like so many others who fought for equal rights during the Civil Rights Movement. Once again, we had a victim that I wanted to somehow live at the end.

I knew the Saccardo moment was coming -- the one where he had to pack it up and leave on a special assignment (after all, his portrayer, Bobby Cannavale, is starring in the remake of Cupid on ABC, which is set to premiere next year), but I didn't think that I would care. I've never felt that the character was right for Lilly and I didn't see their "relationship" going anywhere. Of course, the show once again skipped all of the relationship stuff and left us to fill in the blanks, so I guess it would be presumptuous of me to assume that these two crazy kids aren't meant2B. I will say one thing -- they were pretty cute together (that is, during the scarce moments that we got to see) and they sure heated up the bowling alley this week. Oh alright, that's two, but that's all they're getting. I do think that he's going to miss her, and she, him. BUT, it was nice to see her OK with his departure. She isn't going to fall apart or let it affect her work (thus, sparing us endless mopey moments and repressed feelings coming out during interrogations) because she knows neither will do her any good. Last week, I worried that all of the improvements this season could be a case of too little, too late, but I'm starting to think that I was wrong. This happier, new and improved Lilly is awesome! I'm loving this character again. Add in a hysterical Vera vs. the Tupperware women side story, Tracie Thoms singing the closing song, and a strong case and I might be fully convinced that I was wrong. I'll keep crossing those fingers. Cold Case moves to 3-0 on the season.

Screencaps courtesy LongIslandItalian2 at Look Again.


RichE said...

It was a great episode and you are right about the new Lilly.

And it's "Tupperware".


TVFan said...

OMG! I totally wrote "Tubberware" and I did it twice! This is what I get for writing this while on vacation out of town. Fixed. Thanks for the correction. :-)

suekola44 said...

It is also "bowling". But I got a good laugh out of boweling!! Another good episode with a little bit of humor thrown in.

TVFan said...

Seriously, I'm never writing this stuff again when I'm on vacation!